Dragon Fight Help

Hi guys,

I’m currently running my lvl59 Gunzerker through Dragon Keep as I needed the Grog Nozzle. However, I have now seriously hit a brick wall.

This brick wall comes in the form of the Handsome Dragon in Hatred’s Shadow. I literally cannot kill this thing. I’m running a DPUH and Bee combo (both horrifically underlevelled but still useable) as well as the Grog.

Any help would be highly appreciated


This is going to be a tough fight with Torgue’s slow projectiles, I would rather recommend using something with faster projectiles while cheesing behind the big gate from where you came from, get a couple shots on it and as soon as it starts attacking you run back behind the gate… rinse and recheese.

ps.: the breakable pots can be used to restore health if shot/grenaded/melee’ed while wielding the grog if necessary.

You also need a fire immunity shield for survivability.

All the dragon’s fire breath is overpowered…
Can put you in FFYL in a blink of the eye…

Using cover A LOT is mandatory to not respawn ever and ever…
And like kenet said, an inflammable shield helps a lot !

If you do the gate thing, be very careful how far back you go - you can inadvertently reset the dragon’s health. (Extremely frustrating when that happens) I’ve done the fight on UVHM successfully without a fire immunity shield. When I did it with Sal, I was using a booster shield and mostly staying on the platform immediately in front of the gate rather than behind it.

My biggest problem on that fight has always been the baby dragons that get dropped onto the bridge. Tesla grenades help immensely with those, as they can take a bunch of health off before the small dragons get through to you. A decent RL helps if they still manage to put you into FFYL.

For the big dragon, a good pair of SMGs can do the job (slag + shock seems to be a good combo). I’ve always found the DPUH awkward for that fight due to the slow projectile speed.

Thanks for the tips guys, highly appreciated. @VaultHunter101 I’ve managed to reset his health in previous playthroughs, it’s quite a nasty shock when that happen!