Dragon Keep Skins

Hello Gearbox, players!

I purchased Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep not too long ago and I saw I have the mail that the skins coming with it should be in the inventory of the character that I load first. I’ve gone through all my characters today but I can’t find them anywhere, I tried the customization machine but I don’t see the skins unlocked there either.

Re-entering the codes says they are already redeemed which makes me think I probably goofed out and either deleted them or overwrote the save game of the character I was playing.

Is it possible to re-acquire them somehow?


Your best bet is to file a support ticket here:

Meanwhile, you can double-check that the skins simply didn’t get hidden by the inventory sort order - there should be keys to toggle this through the different options (it’s LT/RT on console, don’t know about keyboard equivalents.)

Good luck! The Maya and Gaige heads/skins are particularly awesome IMO.

Hello VaultHunter101,

Thank you for your advice. I’ve looked through the inventory of all my characters but I didn’t really find them anywhere that’s why I came here :(. Thank you for your advice to submit a ticket, I just filed one, fingers crossed there’s a way to restore them. :smile: