Dragon needs a rework

With a recent update my favorite luchador got nerfed into the ground, admittedly some of the things done needed to happen. Less damage everywhere except clothesline, less health, a less powerful ultimate, a smaller dragon splash with less damage, they really went to town on him.

The reduction in stun makes sense, he could easily get a double or triple kill on his own with it, but the rest of his character shouldnt have suffered with it.

His drop kick is next to useless and his LVL 8 helix is as well. he’s my most played character and i can easily say that finding a situation for dropkicking something is limited only to an unaware enemy.

His LVL1 helix mutation isn’t very useful unless you pick ropeadope at LVL 4, which isnt very useful, why wouldn’t you chose a knock-up? ropeadope is OK for slowing and damaging a minion wave, but on most incursion maps you can just go behind the team and use the single clothesline/knock up for similar effect.

Not to mention the beefy luchador somehow has less health than rath, a skinny samurai, its almost as if his nerf basically goes against his character model.

This may be crazy, but he IS a Luchador, so why not give him jump height, or a double jump as a helix choice? Would allow for more versatility and accuracy with dragon splash, as well as a small amount of escape-ability.

I think his primary damage is fair now, but what id like to see is a damage buff to Clap, with a reduced range at LVL 3 helix, like 80% range instead of 100% but with clap back to original damage, or perhaps a redesign of the LVL 3 right helix to make that a more viable choice.



His primary melee is lower than Rath who already has pretty low dps.

Unless GBX is going to look at all helix’s from all characters, I don’t see them changing his anytime soon. With that being said, give him more base survivability and he should be fine.

They have already done specific helix changes for Boldur and Alani, it wouldnt be unreasonable for them to do it again

Alani’s was when they were investing time and money in this game and when she was stupidly powerful. Boldur’s came with the last big patch when 24 of 26 characters got touched. The amount of dev time they are investing in this game now is a lot less. I would be (pleasantly) surprised to see any more major updates to characters. A tweak here and there to respond to recent trends in the game is one thing, but an overhaul of a helix is another.

If that’s the case, they should just revert the changes made to Dragon and change his clap to do the damage it did before but reduce its range.

Hate me for saying this if you want, but as much as I do agree that he was nerfed way too hard (something that has happened all too often in BB) I’d be happy to see him left untouched because I’m still traumatised by how much he terrorised PvP for so long. Nothing makes me happier than to almost never see El Dragon, and to be able to kill him easily without the fear that he’ll wipe our team and get a penta or do something ridiculous when I do see him. And even when it’s a bad player, I still love not having to hear “EL DRAGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON” in every match, he was omnipresent for too long.

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So reducing the damage and AoE of the splash was in line with the rest of the AoE nerfs and I am fine with. The changes to the ult should have been a massive 2 second slow rather than the 1-second stun. The clap’s range was fine, they just needed to reduce the speed and damage which they did. The hardest thing was the health nerf and they even reversed that really quick, but it was still lower than to start with.

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I only hate his cheap clap, everything else was fine, its clap was cheese, long range, crit, wide aoe and a decent dmg.

The mix of Aoe nerf and his “basic” nerf did an awfull combo… As much as i hate how op he could be… His nerf made him not viable or atleast not fun for me.

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His clap is what gives him a unique strategy against other melee characters in a 1v1, he can pound out damage with is primary against say, rath, but still take nearly the same damage back, but start backing up and clapping and you can get extra damage in without taking any. i feel like if he could be given a shield buff helix option like pheobe or ghalt but take away clap range or damage he would be in a better spot.

I kindof like the idea of a massive slow instead of a stun actually

I’ve only faced a good one once (my Phoebe couldn’t take him down when he had heals health and I full), but I played him for a few matches and got multiple quads and a penta, so I’ll have to agree

I don’t even know if I ever faced a truly good one, between the clap and his ult everything just died and multikills rained.

Ah so that’s how you got your penta? I spent months deliberating over whether to use the most brokenly OP and obnoxious character in the game just to get it, then they nerfed him anyway lol.

Back when Dreadwind was the instakill button it once was, I witnessed several En Fuego vs Dreadwind duels. En Fuego ALWAYS won, which should give you some idea of how absolutely bloody ridiculous it was back then. Phoebe was the only character with enough DPS to stand a chance in a 1-on-1, but once he clicked that ult button it was game over unless he was already below half health when he activated. Drove me insane for months on end lol.

Yeah, it was the day before his nerfs, I just wanted to see what the fuss was about. I then got another with Kleese though so I don’t feel too bad

And hmm, that sounds both fun and terrifying to watch. And I was bit under leveled (pre 7 is all that matters) so he just obliterated me. No one talks about how amazing a few of his helices are, just that he in total was a beast

I have said it many MANY times…

If orendi is a balanced character in the roster than el dragon needs to be performing at least on par with her. It’s only fair


Could you imagine Dragon having a level 10 like Orendis? EN FUEGO STOOOOOORRRRRRRM!

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:sob: I just want him viable! Not have arguably the best helix in the entire game…

I’d say Dreadstorm but that’s already in Rendains helix tree

I dunno the better your enemies got the more his kit boiled down to just sitting in a corner and waiting for a sick En Fuego D splash.

You are also forgetting the fact on El dragon you can get a good amount of stackable DR which Rath is incapable of getting. Though you’d still prolly trade 3 to 1 in a single En Fuego. Even with the stacks + D splashes DR.

You are right though out side of his lvl 3 Clap helix, Dragon splashes damage helix, and the stacks on passive his helix choices are garbo.

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His clap was cheap as hell dude, it gave him a superior way to deal with people, why put effort in high damage melee, when you can out damage by clap that takes no effort to hit and has amazing range

Basic melee strikes were always more dps. Dragons that just clapped and could only en fuego kill were bad dragons