Dragons, dragons, dragons

Ok guys,

As I’ve finally got my Zerker to 72, and can blow Pete’s head off, I decided to go and fight the other Raid Boss I had active:

The Dragons.

Now, basically my question is this. How the hell do you beat them? One massive problem I have is that they’re already bloody lvl75 when I enter the arena. Is this normal?

I managed to kill 2 of them, but then went down. That’s the furthest I’ve got. My current gear and build are as follows:

(Will add later, just going out so won’t have WiFi)

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Your gear and the order that you bring them down in is very important. How are you doing that?

Which ones did you manage to kill, whats your loadout incl shields, mod and relic. Give us the details… :smile:

Remember to do them in order and shoot only the one you want to come down. There are different orders you’ll find on the net but as for myself, I find killing the blue, then the green, the red and last the purple. Thats if it goes as planned. If it doesn’t just try to kill who goes down first.

Sometimes I accidentally shoot the red prematurely so remember never shoot him when in goes into its invincibility mode. Your bullets will just come right back at you. Found that out the hard way killing me almost 2 out of 5 times til I read about it.

I tried both pimp/nukem and the grog/harold. I survived more times w/ the latter combo.

I kept wondering why Incinerator was killing me so consistently- now I know why- thanks! :thumbsup: My batting average is below .500 vs them thanks to him, but now I have the habit of taking down Brood or Healeanth first/second with Incinerator third and Boost last. BTW, I’m using the Deputy Sal build for this…

Yeah when he goes into that short pause, puts his wings in front (in fact I thnk they all put their wings in front) and like ribbons of dna strands shoot straight up from his back, thats like an aura of invincibility that reflects damage. You just keep your distance until the sequence is over then proceed w/ the onslaught :smile:

This is comparable to not realizing Badassassauras T-rex reflecting bullets back. How do you not notice? Lol.

I usually play Sal as standing right in front of his enemies as he mows them down, meaning there’s a lot of dust, smoke and whatnot obscuring the screen- makes it a little difficult to see what’s happening when you’re constantly firing away… :smiley:


I guess Sal took a Money Shot to his face then.

That just ain’t right.


I must be doing it wrong then. I tried solo-ing them with Sal even using the GN + DPUH combo, sheriff’s badge, and antagonist and I just got my ass kicked fast…

Try Fire on everything but Incinerator and Shock for him. Antagonist is for enemies that shoot bullets. Try a Neogenator or Evolution instead to boost elemental resistance. Legendary Gunzerker so that you’re always Gunzerking or Monk/Raider for the extra Money Shot.

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I’m “farming” for the chaotic evil right now, but all I can get is the +5 money shot skill version.

I’m looking for the +6 money shot (obviously), but instead of the sexual tyrannosaurus buff I’m looking for the +Asbestos (I already have a total of 5 points in the top tier for that tree, so I might as well invest one point in asbestos to get the asbestos buff. But I’m thinking it’s easier to get 5 CC’s from the Warrior than find a stupid blue class mod in a chest

Farming as I type this, just opened a chest to find a blue chaotic evil monk class mod…+6 asbestos and +5 sexual tyrannosaurus…dear lord

Raider mods will get the job done too and are much more common.

But the fire rate + crit damage bonus of the monk is just too much to settle for a raider mod, IMO. I’m just being picky though

Yes Monk is better but a Blue Auspicious Raider with +6 Money Shot and +5 Locked and Loaded ain’t too shabby either. Monk farming is a major pain.

Ok guys, I’m currently using the Deputy Sal build (props to Chuck) and my gear is:

Grog Nozzle
Lvl72 Stiff UH
Lvl71 Explicit UH
OP1 The Bee
OP1 Cocky Renegade COM
Lvl69 Pistol Max Ammo BOTA
Lvl72 Lobbed Shock Singularity

I also have a RR, and a 72 Leg.Berserker COM.

You’re missing the key component of @Chuck80 's build and The Bee isn’t going to help you this fight.

Yeah, I realise that the Bee’s useless for this. What’s the key component?

Off hand Rustlers Orphan Maker.

I haven’t extensively read through Chuck’s Deputy build but don’t you need a deputy or explosive relic unless you just forgot to mention that. I also read in the old forum some discussion about the ravager, not as a replacement for the rustlers OM, but just for the build in general. Perhaps this might be an option since the orphan maker is a quest reward and it might take you some time to farm one let alone one with a rustler’s prefix. I could be wrong and maybe misreading the thread. Let me see if I can find it. Ah here it is…


It was mentioned by Chuck in this post that a casual prefix on the ravager might not be the way to go. These were his exact words that you’ll find in the above link.

“If you use a Ravager though, the casual prefix is not so great IMO. It lowers (an already low) accuracy. Better use a Potent, juicy or Impetuous one.”

Just to be clear: My Deputy build has no use for a Bee, or an Unkempt Harold or a Ravager…

Those aren’t bad items, but they have NOTHING to do with my build

Also, that link is one to Leo’s Umpire Sal build, which is very different from mine

if you’re looking for a replacement to the ROM for a Deputy build, there are plenty of suggestions in the build thread: From coach guns, scatterguns, the Striker, the Twister, a Bushwack, a Quad, the Hydra, Triquetra…
As long as they shoot twice between reloads, you’re good.

I’m mentioning the Rustler’s Orphan Maker in the build because it’s the best choice, the most optimized thing you can use… but in no way is it the only gun you can use. In the OP I have a video of @Ganza clearing Pete’s bar at OP8 with a blue scattergun! :stuck_out_tongue: