Dragons of Destruction lvl 50 Hellborn Krieg

So I’m trying atm to kill the Ancient Dragons with my lvl 53 Hellborn Krieg. Using Grog, Good Touch (fire obviously), and a blue Hyperion incendiary shotgun, so nothing very special. Fire hawk shield, Slayer of Terra class mod, and Explosive Fastball simply for damage. I sometimes manage to kill Healianth and rarely also Brood or Boost. Might have killed all 3 one time, but incinerator is a bitch with Hellborn Krieg. Point is I always die. Been thinking it might be an idea to farm the Conference Call but I feel farming is such a hassle… In most of the guides people do, they already depend on the Interface or Butcher, which is kind of stupid in my case (and in many cases I believe) because I haven’t killed any seraph guardians yet. Any suggestions? :slight_smile:

You’re using shock weapons against Incinerator, right? You could try tesla grenades to keep your health high whilst using the grog nozzle.

I can’t suggest much here because I don’t remember ever trying to face the dragons below lvl 62 though.

Are you also making sure NOT to attack Incinerator while he’s on the ground with his wings folded? I found out the hard way that his folded wings give him 100% damage reflection- bullets, grenades, splash damage- nothing works while he’s like that. Once he drops his wings slag him and light him up with your best non-fire weapon- heck, RTB if you have to to stay alive…

Well I rarely get as far as getting Incinerator to land, at least on purpose. Well I suppose it’s more often than not that my shield is down, and that’s when things start to get scary, being fairly dependent on the Novas from FotF.

Yeah I usually try to kill healianth first, so I tend to shoot at him even when one of the others are on the ground. Yeah I know about the reflection part. I’ve got an Evie (shock pistol) which might work on him when I get that far.

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Focus the one on the ground, keep jumping to increase your chances to dodge the others’ projectiles and try to avoid shooting them with elemental weapons while they’re flying (information here).

I did some farming some hours ago and got a striker among several other legendaries, with a 72% Crit dmg, so seems to work very well considering how easy it is to score crits on the dragons :smiley:

Yeah I read. That really sounds like a big problem with Hellborn Krieg, as I am depending on doing elemental dmg to heal…