Drawing BattleBorn Fan Art! - UPDATED 2/14/2017 -

Hey BB family! :tada:

Following @cyanized227 frequent progress and updates, rekindled the wanna-be artist in me!

So I decided to give it a stab once again, starting with a traditional style, Rath- (obvious for anyone who knows me :sunglasses:) -centric piece.

Murder and Music

I hope you guys like it.

(well I understand if fans of some of the deceased here don’t :sweat_smile:)

I’m happy to accept any requests you guys might have, if you’re interested on my takes.

I’d like to avoid doing Pin-Ups (I would be dipping into @cyanized227 forte)

But I’ll accept any requests, they help keep the motivation going!


  • Toby + Orendi Status: COMPLETE Post: 25
  • Sexy Schoolgirl Attikus Status: WIP (concepts done)
  • ISIC Status: Pending
  • Phoebe + Orendi Status: WIP (concepts done)

(Keep them coming!)

Thanks for looking!


Tools: 0.7 Mechanical Pencil, Ultra Fine Sharpies.


You too? Lol

I haven’t felt like drawing in months, but recently I’ve had a weird desire to draw some BB fanart as well. I just wish I wasn’t so awful without digital means of fixing my awful hand-drawn line work.

Very nice drawings, like your style.

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#THIS IS AMAZING!!! :heart_eyes:
It´s so great to see the creativity flowing in this community!

Would you draw an Orendi+Toby-fanart when I draw a Phoebe for you? :heart:


Nice work! I love Caldarius in the background. I’d definitely like to see more of your art!

Speaking of which, I should probably draw some more pictures since I started an art thread too…


I couldn’t help but notice that the majority of the slain in your picture are some of, if not THE most, complained about characters. This is significant…

Puts on Sigmund Freud goatee and glasses, and speaks in Rugrats’ Lipschitz voice.

Art often reflects a portion of it’s creator, and can be effectively used to delve into their psyche. Are the slain “OP” characters that Rath, who is clearly meant to represent yourself, a result of your pent-up hatred for them, or possibly the signs of a superiority complex?

Steeples fingers.

Tell me about your father…

(Seriously though, dude; awesome work! Draw moar!)


Oh right, Request;

Sexy Schoolgirl Attikus.




Assignment One: Analyze the use of positioning and the selected characters in Solo’s art. Explain why the other non-central characters have been depicted as slain, and why these specific characters have been selected by the artist. Discuss the importance of the Vault Symbol featured in the lower-right of the piece, and discuss why the artist may have chosen this particular symbol in order to convey meaning.


HandsomeCam points at his fake goatee.

HandsomeCam (Lipschitz voice): Excuse me, but I shall be the one giving the psychology tests…

@nbrownlie237 rips off HandsomeCam’s fake goatee, and hands him a pen and notebook.

@nbrownlie237: Penmanship counts.

HandsomeCam (normal voice): Aww…


You’ll draw me a Phoebe? :heart: :heartbeat: :two_hearts: :revolving_hearts:


I’ll give you the most awesome Toby/Orendi mash-up EVER (within my limits)

I’ll get on it, as soon as I can. Drawing really hurts my wrist (breaks my heart) so it slows me down a bit.

But I’ll make this, I promise.

(runs off thinking about Phoebe, with a grin)


I know your feelings man.

Without the easy rewinds and layers digital art permits, every mistake is fatal for me

(especially in the coloring! Coloring scares me!)

I think I made like 3 dry runs of this picture before I got one decent enough to line-up.

You should draw something! We’ve let cyanized do all the heavy lifting around here, it would be nice to give back!

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Nah, I just happened to think of a realistic 5 man group you can come across.

The fact it happens to consist of strong choices, is a coincidence. Honest…

You’re also assuming Rath killed all these guys… That’s never hinted at, you just see him basking in inspiration (musically) from the after-math.

So with that said, let’s flip this psycho-analysis back on you.

Puts on Sigmund Freud goatee and glasses, and speaks in Rugrats’ Lipschitz voice.

Art interpretations from a viewer often inject a portion of themselves in their observations, and can be effectively used to delve into their psyche.

Do you see Rath, the assumed killer of these “OP” characters as a villain?

As you clearly seem to imagine yourself within the slain “OP” group.

Is this a result of your pent-up anxiety of what’s in store for yourself, or possibly signs of a sheltered inferiority complex?

Steeples fingers.

Tell me about your mother…


(Thanks Cam, appreciate the compliments and encouragement)

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Oh God…

This brings back horrible HORRIBLE memories of my requests back when I was on Deviant Art lol…

I’ll do it… but it’s going to be LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW on the priority list, like any buffs coming to him. :laughing:

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Ohhhhh yes, its my nemesis too. My art is 100% traditional and although I make sketches with graphite pencils, my outlines are unearasable and COPICmarker is permanent. Sometimes I need to restart a picture 3-6 times, and when I screwed up after 5 hours, I have to do all again ToT

Take care of your wrists & hands bro! 12years of drawing and sculpting got me athritis in both hands (rheumatic desease in the joints) because I kept on creating far to much. (I´m 26, so rheumatics are not only for old people -.-)

I hope Phoebe will go smoothly, I just can´t decide for a pose yet :heart:

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Realizes that he mains and impersonates Toby.



Ah so it’s not just me!

I’m sorry to hear that, I just figured it was some genetic barrier keeping me from working prolonged sessions.

I use to have Copics, back in my manga days… (good times)

If I’m going to really double-down on being a frequent poster, I may just consider splurging on some decent supplies!

If it helps you any, I try and make up for my lack of finesse with amusing distractions. I try to capture moments in a scenario over a “pose for the photo” drawing.

Maybe have her interacting with something or some one?

Good luck! Starting the concepts for your request now!


Aye Aye Cap’n!

Edit: On a side note; I bought myself a tablet, but that’s just like step 1 of a bunch of steps. Without the proper use of a digital art software, you’re kinda screwed. I used to use Photoshop CS3 waaaay back, and I probably wouldn’t like anything other than that since no other program I seem to try has a Pen Tool like CS3’s…:confused:

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I love that you turned this into some after-class discussion.

Maybe you should begin the dissection, by sharing your thoughts, Head Teacher?

(Takes a seat)

We’d love your take, on the particulars.




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I love this! :heart:

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