Dreadwind post update

How does everyone feel about Dreadwind increase in cooldown?

I find it annoying but after all the general changes it seems fine

It literally changed nothing.

The majority of my kills as Rath have always been though basic attacks anyways as opposed to his ult. The extra 20 seconds make an incredibly negligible difference imo.

If anything, I’d say he’s been buffed thanks to quick melee spam no longer being a thing.

I would agree that quick melee being weakened makes dreadwind all the more potent. Seems odd they would up the cool down put make it naturally more effective in use

It’s more “effective” because people actually think before they use it.

Previously it’s knockup to slow to ult or knockup to ult bounce.

No thinking required. Which is why enemies who have half a brain knows the counter is quick melee. Making it pretty much useless on a brainless rath.

Any good rath won’t jump in and ult randomly. Hence they won’t have their ult on cd all the time.

Now it forces people to think about using the ult in order not to waste it. Making it more “effective”. It has always been effective as a damage tool. Just not effective in the means of using said tool before the update.

It’s still the most OP ult in the game, but at least I will be seeing it less…

I played against a Rath this weekend who literally did not stop spinning throughout the entire match. He was like a damn helicopter! How did he do this?

Cooldown reduction? Or maybe you were just unlucky and happened to always be around when his ult was on cooldown? If he was literally in his ult for the entire match, then that was probably a hack.

Played as a whiskey against one. Slowing and quick melee couldn’t get him back off me. Kinda upsetting lol

Did you almost kill him a lot of the time? There is a legendary watch that every 30 seconds drops all the cool downs on your skills if you drop below 10 percent health

Yes, he literally was in his ult the entire match. I think they increased the cooldown to something like 75 seconds, but for him it couldn’t have been more than five, if that. And it lasted a very long time, too. He started spinning in front of the wall in the middle of the map next to the shock turret in Overgrowth, and went all the way to our sentry, through three of our players and the minions. Is it possible to hack on the PS4?

That could be it. We were trying to beat the heck out of him, but no one could kill him. It seemed like he could spin again in a lot less than 30 seconds, though.

Hmm… Hard to say. Hacks are possible but unlikely. i feel like 30 sec is really quite fast in a match. There are other factors to consider as well. I think you can stack about 15 percent CDR from gear and reynas over shield can cool down rath as well. rath also has a helix that cools dreadwind down based off of killing things with smash(I think either 2 or 3 seconds) which gives a massive cool down if used as the final hit on a minion wave

Well there is no denying that he was very good, albeit a total douchebag.

I’ve seen it on Xbox, so I’m gonna assume yes. I do recall seeing one glitch where a Rath was permastuck in his ult on the sentinel though. It may be possible that he was able to recreate it in a PvP match? My money is on a hack though.

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