Dream cross-Borderlands fights

What are some raid/boss/area fights you wish you could do? Pick any class from any Borderlands. Pick any area. Pick the gravity type. Pick the enemy(s). Any gear from any game (oz kits, relics, weapons, etc…). Pick something because you think it’d be great revenge or you’d like the challenge. Whatever you like.

For example. I’d love to fight Hyperius in low gravity with Nisha or Doppleganger Jack. I’d fight him anywhere. Such as the Terramorphus area. Or maybe the Holodome. As long as I could try it with low gravity and a more survivable class. Low gravity because I’d like to be able to jump away from him and his novas. Maybe I could even slam knock him back.

Pyro Pete in low gravity. Again, so I could jump his novas. Just like the sentinels novas.

Athena vs Terra. I bet her shield would block most of his damage.

TPS Wilhelm vs BL2 era boss fight Wilhelm.

Maya vs some BL1 bosses. Phaselock the human bosses.

Claptrap vs INAC. http://borderlands.wikia.com/wiki/Interplanetary_Ninja_Assassin_Claptrap

Umm, Claptrap is INAC… So you want him to fight himself?

Also, I’d just want Krieg and Maya in BL1. Then the game would be absolute perfection for me.


Yes. Just like Wilhelm vs Wilhelm. Dream fights man. For the fun or irony. Or the revenge.

Yeah, it would be a Man Machine vs a Man with even more Machine.

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Pete was such an insult to the players I hope gearbox never gives us a boss that bad ever again.

Crawmerax vs. Krieg on the moon


Bad because easy? I think he was fun. Especially with Krieg’s bloodsplosion. Certainly not the best boss fight though. Raid Sentinel is more fun for sure.

roland vs axton vs wilhelm (not poisoned) I would pay to see that…

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Dr.Ted vs. Dr. Nod (for those of you who dont know, Dr. Nod is from that chinese borderlands)

If history repeats its self and Dr. Nod has 2 other ripoff brothers like Dr. Zed then:

Dr. Zed, Dr. Ned, and Dr. Ted vs Dr. Zod, Dr. Nod, and Dr. Tod.

Dr. Zod and Tod i made up, because it seems like in the chinese version they just replaced The “e” in Ned to “o”, so i did that with the others

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Terramorphous, Crawmerax, Voracidous, Empyrean Sentinel and The Warrior all vs Claptrap. Should be fun to watch.

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New Haven DLC/Episode
with Borderlands 1.5 Vault hunters vs Roland, MordecaI, Lilith, and Brick. :heart_eyes:

That’d be such an enjoyable raid Imo.
much better than ancient dragons.
Just an idea me and my friends wished for :smile:

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