Dream Item Exchange Thread!

Seeing as its (almost Christamas) I was thinking people on here can post and say what is the ONE dream weapon or gear that theyve been trying for months to get and would wish they could.

Pledge for anyone who posts though : you have to check your bank for that item, and if you have it, consider passing it to that person if you dont use it.

Who knows ? One mans trash is another mans treasure as they say?

For me ? Level 53 Shredifier , no element, with consecutive hit annointment (wanted one for months now waaaaay before recent interest in this annointment )

Post yours and maybe other can help!!

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I just facepalmed so hard… that’s one of the shredifiers i threw away today.
If i stumble upon that version again I shall give it to you.

For me. I farm maliwan like crazy to get the -Kryo DP Juliette’s Dazzle with 100%kryo on sntnl… more than 200 wotan kills and 4 juliette’s earned.

They do have an actual wish list category, post your “LF” and you should have plenty of help. I met the best people there:




You’re ****ing kidding me!! Threw it away !!

Man that sucks so bad… where did it drop for you ?

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I helped a lot of people on there early when the game came out but no luck getting anything:(

They all dropped on the maliwan takedown. So sorry mate. I only kept the super shreds coz I ran out of space. Time for another mule I guess. Normal consecutive shred. Ill hit you up if I stumble upon another one

That one thing I want that will never drop…

A 250 Phasecast Tsunami. So many Katagawa Ball kills and this just will not drop for me.

No elemental Lyuda with 125% fire After IB exit…

Killed that Rex in Cistern around 150 times… No luck :confused:

Had Cryo Lyuda with 100% Cryo Sntl (gave it away alrdy).
Another was Gamma Burst Rad Lyuda (Still have it)…
But no luck with 125% fire one…

A little off-Topic but here is my luck in a nutshell: