DREAM TEAM - What's Yours

It’s my job to add fun threads. Too many negative threads right now.

SOOO. What’s your dream team, ANY Hero. Will be interesting to see the most popular choices.


  1. Montana
    (Front man who will tear your face off, decent CC’s, massive health and shield)
  2. Rath
    (The hitman. When played well, will appear from the blue and slice your head off. Good CC, awesome ULT)
  3. Oscar Mike
    (Very versatile, keeps those bullets flying, THAT Nade from Stealth is a beauty)
  4. Ghalt
    (When Ghalt sits behind the lines, he’s a total bastard to play against. Chain Pull > Oooosh. Shotgun damage)
  5. Alani
    (Super CC, good heals, decent support damage, good survivor. Can hold lane well, just good all round)

I just think the combo of Rath and Alani CC’s with Ghalt and Oscar laying on the fire power, and Montana just being Montana…I like this team. Close call between OM and Thorn.

If you are talking Meltdown, this is my Dream Team

Lane 1
Thorn and Rath- Don’t know why but this combo is deadly blight takes out all the waves and there skills complement each other well (i.e. Rath’s popup in the middle of a blight). It racks up a lot of kills and pushes enemy teams back.

Lane 2
Miko and Galilea- Keep the heals on Galilea and she becomes a monster even with the updates.

Her CC mixed in with both squads makes it a deadly combo. On top of the fact that she can heal both sides.

Alani, kleese, Atticus, Montana, isic. For the win!

Oscar Mike

What your doing matters so much…pvp? What kind? Pve?

I’ll answer for pve on hardcore advance.

Miko: Neccesary heals, gotta jeep everyone alive.
Kleese: Noone holds a point better. Rift network around all those stupid defense points
Thorn: Long Range, AoE control. Great for trash or bosses.
Marquis: Hogh damage output and owls make great help defending points.
ISIC: Nothing murders like ISIC. Standing next to kleese in rift network…he will murder all the things fella!

For Incursion:

Ambra: She is solid control, heals, support damage. Also hard to kill.
Galilea: Mic drop
Miko: For keeping Galilea alive
Thorn: I suck at Thorn…but it seems I always want a good one…
Oscar Mike: He will eat the minions, the sentries, and anyone dumb enough to go into his field of murder.

For Meltdown:

Miko: Noticing a pattern?
Thorn: Deja Vous
Montana: Montana always does well with me in meltdown. I back him up with Miko and it is good times.
Benedict: High mobility and great minion murder
Alani: She controls an area, is hard to kill and can throw heals at others.

As a Montana player…

  1. Montana (pew pew pew)
  • Miko (heal the big guy)
  • Reyna (spot “healing” and vulnerability)
  • Thorn (objective management, sniping, aoe, jukes)
  • Oscar Mike (AoE, attack damage, zone control)

I mostly play meltdown

Ambra: Healer/Dmg for lane 1
Alani: Healer/ dmg for lane 2
Thorn: Minions for lane 1
Oscar Mike: Minions for lane 2
Boulder: Absorb the dmg and push back enemy team


Edit: Boulder could be subbed for Benedict. With Alani giving heals to Benedict in air, he’d be really hard to kill.

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