Dredge; Rogue BB#7, or sinister OP villain?

First and foremost, I absolutely loved the concept of this character. It’s incredibly dark and incredibly cool. Essentially he’s a Magnus Necromancer housed in the body of a brain dead child. Presumably the body has still aged since the child was still physically alive when Dredge took him over, so I’m guessing he would at this point be an adult.
I just can’t get over how amazing this idea is. I love everything about this character, and I can’t wait to see or read more about him.
My dilemma, however, is this. Which do I want more?
A: To get Dredge as the next Rogue Battleborn with some cool raise dead sort of skills?

  • or
    B: To get Dredge as a villain in a Rogue centric OP which puts you on his ship or on a piece of The Detritus Ring fighting through robot zombie hordes?

I honestly don’t know which I like the idea of more.
What do y’all think?


Either is a stoopid-cool idea. MOAR ROGUE MAGNUSESES!


Dredge was definitely the coolest concept introduced in that lore. Very interested in hearing more of his/its exploits.


I honestly have no idea which concept I like more. I’ve been mulling over it all day, and I would probably be equally stoked for either. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if he was just part of the Lore so long as they gave him long and cool lore segments. But I’d love to see him in game!

@Jythri @dante_d_silva I don’t even care how you implement him anymore, just give me more of this dude!

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technically, all those poor minions we slaughter in the algorithm are isics little mind controlled babies.
i bet isic and dredge would have some interesting conversations.

and we dont know what dredges character is actually like, what personality was he given? how much of the rumours are true? its certainly picqued my interest.

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@NatsumeRyu I’m hoping he’s a stereotypically dark and broody necromancer, but I also wouldn’t mind being surprised by his personality either.

P.S. That Caldy cosplay was sick af.

I actually found myself hoping it hasn’t aged. Evil zombie child dangling from automated surgery machinery that it controls to attack was my image.

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I sadly stand by the fact that, AT LEAST AS OF YET, no NPC / character mentioned in Lore has made it into the game as a playable character.


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Didn’t they do Beatrix Lore before she was released? I can’t remember if it was after they announced her or not though.

It says somewhere in the lore piece avout it only taking him micro seconds or something to learn everuthing he needed to keep the boy going.

Can he use this knowledge to at least slow the agin proccess of the body waayyy down? Because I too would like him to still be a six-year-old.

Why not both a boss and a new character?


That was after she was revealed though

I think he would work best as a boss.

Picture this: Dredge took over the kid’s body because with the Magna Carta going offline it was the only resource he had to cling to. But the body has aged over the years, and it was never healthy in the first place. Most Magnus’s live as machines, inside of mechanical systems like spaceships and robot bodies.They have been shown to be able to upload themselves into other systems, essentially making them immortal. But Dredge doesn’t have this luxury, only a zombified crew controlled by a central mind. A Magnus could always be destroyed, of course, but now, suddenly, you have one who has slowly begun to contemplate mortality and is terrified by the thought of an unavoidable, constantly approaching death.

Dredge has also spent too much time living in an organic body and controlling human bodily systems to want anything else. The only solution is to find a way to upload himself into a new organic host, and find prospective bodies worthy of his mind.

How about a varimorphs body? He could shape himself into anything he wanted. Or how about a sustained Jennerit? He wouldn’t have to worry about a reupload for thousands of years if he had a body like theirs.

The Battleborn, constantly meeting up together aboard the Nova, are a smorgasbord of bodies just waiting to be sampled and the perfect chance for Dredge to try on a few new skins, one by one…


So like a boss in a frequently changing host body?

Maybe. It would be like having the cast of Battleborn in The Thing or Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

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