Driver 441.12 is stable but not have any SLI support still :0

I back to play couz I see new driver come out from NV Web. its stable and fine. but still not SLI support and image sharpen is helping a lot on antialise. bcouz ingame antialise make a game abit blur . so I always love to play with out ingame antialise for clear picture. and image sharpening an new option in driver is help a lot.


I never thought I’d be saying this given my semi-outdated rig (which will soon be upgraded anyway), but they changed…something. Whether it was in Nvidia’s end, a Windows update, or both? But tonight, I tried switching to DX12 again, and for the first time, I finally got a 10 minute load time on the game to start, and when it did, at first, testing on Athenas, I got brief frame drops and figured nothing changed.

Then suddenly, with my stress tester gun (the Devil’s Foursome) outta nowhere, with my frames cap set to 70, I no longer dipped below 55 fps. Even on Promethea. Maybe I can enjoy the game now?

First though, unfortunately, I still have to see what Eden-6 is like on my Siren. Dreading that. Here’s hoping it’ll run. Good luck everyone.