Driver + cryo action skill element (new tree)

Can anyone give any insight on this? Do you put cryo on yourself and slow down? How much does cryo slow you down? Does Driver outpace it?

lol I was wondering the same but for the underdog elementalist com , would it gain a bit of use by freezing enemies?

There will be a new class mod that makes self cryo amazing, it will be called the Spiritual Chauffeur


You just made my day :rofl:

So my build is Facepuncher, Ward, Elemental Projector White Elephant, and Driver. The Ward is level 1 with cryo resist and ASE corrosive damage, so when I dot myself with Driver it breaks instantly. The health regen from the Ward plus the 1 point in Clarity from Driver outpaces the dot damage from Driver so I just sit at max health while dot’d. I have melee damage and splash radius boost on the Driver (also Hyperion crit I think that makes the WE bombs stronger when they crit since FP is Hyperion), and AOE damage on the WE. I also use a rad Fish Slap with ASE rad damage. When I shoot things they die instantly and explode violently. Here is my skill tree…

For the new skill tree I was planning to take 5 in No Mistakes In Nature, 3 Go With The Flow, 2 in Eb And Flow, then 1 into Combo Breaker. I need 11 points, I am taking 2 from Helping Hands (they were extra anyway), 1 from Avatar, 1 Laid Bare, 2 Awakening, 1 Sustainment, and 1 Dread. I’ll probably take the last 3 points from Anima, not sure yet. The plan is to replace Avatar with Combo Breaker and Sustainment with Eb And Flow while further boosting my melee damage.

But this is all dependent on how cryo works with Driver. I run Speed Demon modifier, so Mindfulness + SD = lotta go fast. I’m hoping that the cryo will only slow me down a little bit, I honestly do so much damage that I can stand still and one shot most enemies in the game, I just don’t want to be crawling everywhere while I dot myself.

Well when cryo enemies chill you do you lost a lot of speed? Since it is a fixed effect you can evaluate it by shooting your feet with a weak splash cryo weapon.

I’ll have to try that. I honestly never notice cryo, but I kill things so fast I don’t even know if I get hit with cryo that much. Usually the only time I notice is if I spammed PG and I’m waiting on the cooldown so no dot and I’m normie speed.

Good one. As us old folks used to say, you get +10 internets for that one.