Driving did not improve since the very first game!

Anyone else feels like that way.

It just seems very clunky to begin with its not like i am not used to the 3rd person driving style in this game, I just think it would be more fun if they would make driving less of that mess.

Imo the vehicles just don’t feel that responsive and maybe give us the option to switch between different cam settings while in vehicle?

I’m not asking to get this to racing game standards but the driving mechanics really feel outdated and not fun at all.

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I believe I did see some sort of separate visual control for while in vehicle, although I could have been hallucinating. Might be worth going back and poking around the settings.

Handling wise… These things have momentum/inertia, mass, and springs. They each drive a bit differently, just as in previous games. For example, the BL2 barrel technical was bizarrely faster and lighter than the sawblade, meaning it was also bouncier and had higher/longer hang time.

The main thing I’ve learned over the years in all BL games is that your camera angle relative to the horizon is key: keep it low, and things are more controllable; view high, and you’re more likely to have issues bouncing off non-existent obstacles.

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Well its handling that kinda makes me want to walk all the ways i think.
Its not like i can’t drive the cars its just too clunky and cars don’t feel that nice at all…

I enjoy the Monocycle tho maybe because i don’t get stuck at all with it.
Also enjoyed the dune runner i think it was called.

But in general i dislike the driving in borderlands.

Hover wheels made all the difference for me to enjoy driving. :slight_smile:

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Actually i did not try them out yet while this seems like a cool feature i think the utilization of cars in this game is very poor.

Something like a Monster truck arena would be lovely i think.

The part I like is you can strafe with the vehicle instead of turning, you also don’t get hung up on a lot of trash from ground.

This is the only thing that worries me about DLC3. They seem to insinuate the Dragon bike mount thingy would be a part of the DLC that they would like to enforce as a mode of transportation that is thematically appropriate.
I’m all for battlin’ bandits and shiz on a mount, but these things seemed like those Pre-sequel stingray things that I wasn’t much of a fan of.

I’d like for vehicles to have some “weight” to them. Maybe some controller feedback when you try to turn or w.e idk
Luckily I can usually use Fade Away and a Snowdrift as a means to get places a bit quicker without having to hop onto a vehicle.

I do like the Wheel thing though, those are fun.

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I don’t mind the driving as I have a past gaming history in Dirt, NFS and Burnout Paradise.

I hate the feeling that every time you are in a vehicle you dread seeing an enemy as you are sitting in a motorised rice crispy.

I tend to jump out, deal with, jump in.


Well actually the driving improved considerably in comparison to BL1. Driving was pure (not good) back then. The only good thing was running into enemies and thereby killing them. On the other hand, after 3 or 4 enemies your car exploded as well.

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From the short clip I saw, I had the impression that these were going to drive more like the swamp-boats in Hammerlock’s DLC (BL2) or the Cyclone with the hover wheel mod.

I agree, I don’t want there to be extensive missions that require the use of the vehicle. I hate the mission to pick up Tanis’ eridium refiner-facation-ator thingy…mabob. Well I love most all of the mission except driving that thing back.

I usually just grab a cyclone and solo-it to the other end, then respawn Vaughn’s truck to complete it. All of the Vehicles feel too squishy and are far too prone to getting a Pandora Flat. Whereas the enemy vehicles are near invulnerable to my vehicle’s weapons. I have more luck plowing them over cliffs or luring them into skags.

I only wish any of the other vehicles were more viable because there’s hardly any reason not to always use the Cyclone. Not only is it the fastest, I’ve also found it to be more survivable compared to the Technicals and Racers. I feel like the Technical in particular needs like ten times the health it currently has on top of a hefty speed and acceleration increase. In Borderlands 2 the Catapult Technical was the fastest vehicle in the game, in Borderlands 3 it becomes near unusable once you get past your first story playthrough.

Hah, I was just thinking this last night as I was blundering around in a truck in BL2, how vehicles always stink in the BL franchise.

BL3 is a little better, but quite frankly they’ve done some things to make it more realistic, which in BL doesn’t make sense.
The awful acceleration because of mass of something like the Bio fuel truck, for example, is just annoying. And turn radii still stink.

I’ve always felt that BL should go the other way, make the driving system less sophisticated, not more. Simple simple cars, this isn’t Forza or Gran Turismo, I don’t want realism, I just want to go fast from here to there.
Whenever a driving mission shows up (fortunately not very often) I shudder.

Well, there’s actually a solution for those. If you use the Hover wheels either on the runner or the cyclone and activate them you can basically turn on a dime.

You’re probably right. I’ve put hover wheels on once, then fussed around for 20 seconds trying to get them to hover and couldn’t figure out the button press needed. So instead I complain :slight_smile:

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Yeah, and meanwhile your car gets smacked anyway LMAO

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Hower wheels make it fun :slight_smile:

Driving controls have improved a lot. You can have actual control over steering now, as opposed to previous games where the vehicle would just drive in the direction you’re aiming. That always drove me nuts and I always begged for full steering control, giving you this option was actually one of BL3’s notable QoL improvements imo.

It’s tolerable with hover wheels. And I’ve always found them easier to drive than the Warthog. But they have larger problems than the handling that ultimately keep them from being fun for me.

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I mean where is the mayhem with driving.
There are tons of games that aren’t racing game that make driving fun.
But anytime I play a borderlands game and I have to drive it is just wonky and tbh not that fun.

Definitely not a thing i would sink time into cause its so engaging or cause i can do crazy stuffs with it.

And the thing is borderlands is all about fun and if you have driving you could mean you can do crazy jumps with spins and twists and skit but driving in this game feels like im already a granpa not allowed to have fun while driving.

I think driving is a lot more fun and satisfying in BL3 than in previous titles. I do miss jumping around with the manta stingray from presequel though.

Vehicular combat, now that’s another thing. It’s not particularly great, although I’m glad they have it. Just a shame that it falls out of whack as you level up.