Driving in Borderlands 2 and 3

Driving vehicles in Borderlands is funner than driving vehicles in any other game I have played because it is easy, and you can steer with the mouse.
Does anyone know of a racing game that you can play on PC that is as fun and easy as driving vehicles in Borderlands?

I don’t know of racing games like that, but I agree, driving in Borderlands is fun. :smiley:

Going back to even the first BL, I’ve always liked the “driving” maps: Dahl Headland, Rust Commons, Highlands in BL2 is nice for sightseeing (like finding all the windsocks). BL3 has lots of big maps for driving and I love the Sandblast Scar map (where Vaughn hitches a ride). Feels like taking a road trip.

I recently replayed HALO:ODST, and was reminded how much fun driving in the Wildlife Preserve can be. Warthogs are about as bouncy as BL2 bandit technicals, too.

What techno-sorcery allowed you to do that?

Mombassa Wildlife Preserve, in HALO:ODST. One of the missions (Romeo?) has you driving around rescuing local troops. You can get some pretty good ramming sprees in if you get the controls down right.


I thought you were talking about the BL2 Wildlife Preservation Reserve. :grin:


Maybe not the Preserve but just about everywhere else.


This is the first thread I’ve ever seen that has good words for BL vehicles.
BL1 and 2, I really dislike any driving stuff. The driving mechanism does NOT suit me, I spazz constantly. And the tissue-thin armor is more irritating than not. Any driving mission I don’t look forward to, and avoid side missions that are drivers.
BL3 did a little better.

Side note: Pangolin really needs to invest some R&D in making a shield that absorbs truck energy. Insta-death by truck (either in the Dahl Headlands or the Dust) is one of the most annoying things on Pandora.