Drone Cryo anoint Adjustment Ideas

Personally since the cryo anoint was buffed I’ve found it way to strong for such an easy buff to maintain. 100% flat dmg buff that can last a near unlimited amount of time with minimum effort involved compared to every other anoint out there just makes it super super strong. Do I want to see it nerfed into the ground or reverted? No I do not, so I propose an adjustment.

Have the cryo anoint start off at +50% dmg once sentinel is used, but for each kill the anoint stacks %5-10 additional cryo upto the %100 bonus, but have to at least get a kill every 5-10 seconds to keep the anoint stacked.

Reason why I believe this is a good idea is the fact that since this anoint has been buffed it’s been pretty much standardized for any build and makes majority of current content trivial at best with absolute trash builds/gameplay involved. As long u run this anoint ur dmg is doubled just for being able to press a single button. Completely makes all other anoints near pointless to use except in very niche situations and even then it comes down to personal style of gameplay. Hell it even makes some absolute trash weapons viable, which is cool in a sense, but I would rather make trash gear work thru build synergy or some type of strategy other than press shiny button and all will be solved.

Zane needed the extra love don’t get me wrong here, but it just makes the gameplay feel very stale. Theres already a limited amount of weapons to use at a viable rate already and I feel the this anoint in its current state pigeon holes that feeling of being limited even further. This either needs some form of attention, or hopefully Mayhem 2.0 fixes the current difficulty scaling issues of the game.

We have been raising hell for a while with no luck. You have to keep in mind still the things coming as well. One extra point,… hmm for Zane, honestly won’t matter much.

One extra point hits, my Fl4k, will be a game changer.

With Seein Dead and gm, you can for sure have it forever. But that’s not the only way to play and while it gets super powerful there, you should also look at how it affects other builds.

It gives Barrier SNTL builds easier access to Calm Cool Collected, but is at trade off with Barrier Crit anointment. They excel here on different merits.

It also gives Clone Drone some added crowd control.
A reminder here that there’s still some good class mods to be used outside of Seeing Dead. It’s just super prevalent because it’s the fastest way through things, and it’s super easy to get.

All classes have an anointment like this. Which can be kept almost indefinitely. Gamma Fl4k has 115 Radiation damage during GB. This allows their fire (Or cryo) weapons to eat through shields, making a big obstacle obsolete,

Amara has Cast and Slam 250 and 300. A well specced and handled Amara can cast or slam before these run out, or very close to it.

Moze has 125 Fire for two mags. A Moze handled properly could take this on a shock or radiation weapon, keep it indefinitely, and tear through enemies as well.

If we didn’t have one of these for everyone, I’d consider toning it down. But these anointments can make fun but meh guns handle rough content that they normally couldn’t…but at the cost that they make the great guns even greater too.

I just wanna know what’s next.


No just leave it everything doesn’t need to be nerfed.

It wouldn’t be nerfed, I’m saying adjusted. I’m just wanting the anoints in general to not be so boring and simple to get free damage. It just takes the challenge out of the game at this point for me. I put days into my Zer0 to achieve endgame build/gear. Had to actually utilize ur action skills as action skills and the massive bonuses they could give. I guess all I’m truly wanting is more synergy behind the builds and play. I love this game, not trying to be a Debbie Downer here. Just not feeling satisfied by the current system in place

Keep in mind that the drone itself is kind of the weakest action skill. It does almost no damage and its crowdcontrol abilities are mediocre at best.
Barrier gives you near invincibility and amp, and the clone (with double barrel) can pump out some stupidly high damage.
So it makes sense to give the weakest AS the strongest anoint.

And btw your adjustment definetaly is a nerf ^^


That 100% is a nerf, you won’t be at the current output all the time so it’s nerfed.

It still would have the total max damage output. I can see how it would be looked as a nerf but I still would like it. I doubt it would ever happen but damn :frowning: I just want more challenging gameplay somehow. What would ur guys ideas be? Wasn’t suggesting this as a be all end all idea. What do u guys think could help make anoints more of a synergistic thing or to make anoints more engaging than just press 1 button and face roll everything with damage buff? Threw this idea out here to be more of a general discussion and collaboration of ideas. Personally I feel ALL anoints need to more engaging, the current system is just so bland.

I’d say we can’t really guess until we see exactly what the coming Mayhem 2.0 brings to the table. The existing anointments may have been designed to fit the evolving content.

For myself I like things the way they work now and the way I see it, is there is massive scope within the game for you to look into left field combinations of gear and skills to find some challenge.

Could you discover a new meta? :wink:

Yeah I’m hoping Mayhem 2.0 will just shut me up with all of this lol All the VHs in this are just so strong and bloated as well compared to previous VH kits. Then again I loved Ultimate VH mode and OP levels on BL2 cause u could adjust what difficulty u wanted so much easier without all the garbage buffs/nerfs from M3 and lower. What are u hoping to come from Mayhem 2.0?

Looking at the buff that the Krakatoa, Hellshock and Lob received, it’s going to be really challenging.
GB instead of nerfing or reworking stuff, they’re going to increase the difficulty, so, we may need every little help we can get, specially that 100% SNTNL cryo :joy:

True, I hope that’s the case with Mayhem 2.0. Just hate how trivial the game feels already. They just need to find a way to scale everything depending on the difficulty. Hell scale anoints up or down depending on what difficulty ur on so lower tier difficulties don’t become boring cake walks for lower skill level players that can’t hack it or people who don’t have have time to farm for M3+.

Is that what they did to the ion cannon?

The Drone only has direct usefulness outside of Mayhem currently, whether that will change for Mayhem 2.0 remains to be seen, but this Anointment is one of the only things keeping it as more than mere utility. Neither of its damage augments do anything on Mayhem, the shield regen augment is only serviceable for lower capacity shields or for level 1 shield cheesing. That leaves the Cryo bullets to help with Freezing and Bad Dose to deal with enemy shields and giving a movement and fire rate buff.

The Drone tree however carries all but four of Zane’s kill skills and the means for making them more effective, since he has almost no flat passive bonuses whatsoever that help him deal damage and survive. So the game’s own meta is telling you “yeah you can run a Clone-Barrier build, but you’ll do less and slower damage than any other build”.

Giving the Drone an Anointment that directly improves all damage while using it only makes sense to tailor to the way the meta works for Zane right now. Again, Mayhem 2.0 may change that, along with that supposed fourth skill tree if they’re serious about making them instead of new Vault Hunters.

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