Drone Delivery broken/randomly stops

I don’t know why, but this skill gives tons of trouble.
When I first grabbed it it did nothing. I looked it up, people suggested rebooting the game; I found simply quitting to main menu didn’t work.

I started to work, woo!
Then I change my grenade mod, and now it doesn’t work, again. Won’t work with any grenade mod now.

Do I really have to restart the bloody game every single time I do this? Because this is incredibly annoying. Am I missing something?

Okay it turns out it is even worse than I imagined:
Restarting the game doesn’t fix it, I have to actually respec.


I’ve never expierienced this issue myself but i suggest opening a support ticket on the GB Homepage. Maybe they can help

Drone delivery is currently working for me but any weird gear interaction could cause bug, I’d advise to record a video showing all your gear and tree and join it as evidence to your support ticket

Make sure you actually have grenades to throw.
Early in the game its easy to run out due to low grenade storage space.

Drone delivery doesnt use your grenade count.

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Not able to test it yet, but I wonder if maybe it broke because I changed grenade mod WHILE drone was deployed?

It would then drop the new grenade though for its second, and then just never again.

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