Drones and stealth

First, I’m going to please ask that the discussion stay on topic and not turn into an OP/UP debate as most of these do.

I’m placing this here instead of in the Kid Ultra category as it affects more than just him. I also haven’t seen a category for this (surprisingly), so I thought I would start a discussion to see what others thought. I apologize if a topic already exists for this.

Also, if anyone knows which Dev should be pinged (I think Grant?) please feel free to do so, if you feel any changes should be made here.

Characters with stealth:

Oscar Mike
Shane and Aurox

This only applies to pvp at the moment, as I have not tested (and likely won’t) to see if npc’s react to the solo drone or not.

So I was playing a game of incursion and noticed this lonely drone just…moving across the map. I shot a bola below the drone, slow spirals ensued. I continued to fire at those spirals and lo and behold “KO! You killed Pendles”

It appears that when a drone is attached to a character that has stealth, the drone remains visible when said character activates their stealth. This makes it next to impossible as Kid Ultra to try and support characters that have stealth (through healing, damage boost etc. should you choose those helix options) without causing a serious detriment to said characters game as you’ve basically just attached a giant, obvious, priority target to their head that they can’t shake until it is destroyed. Odds are, the drones are going to get said players killed instead of healing and helping them.

Pendles is the prime example as his character is based primarily on sneak attacks and opportunity, but it’s also a huge detriment to others who are trying to use stealth to engage (makes it VERY clear when Deande uses the Holo twin as the twin has no drone as well as where the real Deande is as there is a drone floating in mid air with no player), or when you are using stealth as an escape.

The only options I can think of to alleviate this are:

  1. never use a drone on a character that has stealth. This is a terrible solution IMO.

  2. the drone unlatches from the player upon activation of a stealth ability (sorry Pendles, your never getting a drone) - possibly refunding a tiny bit of the cool down to Kid Ultra (not entirely necessary, just a thought?). Not ideal as it negates the point of the drone if you chose the damage buff

  3. the drone enters stealth with the character (I think this would be my preferred solution). The only downside to this would be a Kid loading up a Pendles with drones to severely boost his dps, but it’s still my preferred option.

I’m not a developer. I don’t know if any of those ideas are feasible and if they are, how hard they would be to implement, but I really enjoy the Kid and not being able to attempt to heal a character with stealth (pre level 5 of course) makes me feel like a support failure. It makes me feel like puts on shades “I’m not helping!”

I’ve had teams of Kid Ultra, Alani, Deande, Oscar Mike and Pendles and realized the only safe people to put my drones on were myself and Alani. I’d see Oscar engage, but I couldn’t put a drone on him to give him the dps increase in case he needed his stealth to fall back. I felt that I couldn’t really support my team.

Any other thoughts / comments / suggestions / musings / experiences of the such? Was it just a fluke when I saw it? Are the drones meant to stealth with the character? Was this an oversight? Intended behaviour?

That turned out way longer than I intended. Sorry.

tl:dr: drones ruin stealth player’s lives. I’m not helping!

Cheers all.


I’ve noticed this as well. Saved my bacon a few times with a Deande, but seems a little unfair considering had the drones not been there they would’ve killed me.
Gonna go ahead and do this @Jythri, because this probably needs fixing for the sake of balance.

Remove damage stacking from PVP and let drones go into stealth with the character.

Stealthed characters being given away by drones is intended. It was mentioned in Kid Ultra’s Reveal Stream that it was the case. It meant that Stealth characters had to be a bit more careful if they had a Kid Ultra on their team that they dont’ waltz around as if they were stealthed.

That was an unfortunate thing that happened to Pendles.


Then there should be a way to get them off of you. Now one Kid Ultra can ruin your maneuver and there’s nothing you can do about it.

You see a Kid Ultra on your team as Pendles/Deande/OM/S&A You make sure to DODGE their drones, not pick them up, and generally stay far far away from the maddening words “I’m Helping!”

In all seriousness, you can get 'em off by like taking enough damage at your thralls or something or Jumping off a cliff.

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[quote=“Rabid_Explosions, post:6, topic:1549741, full:true”]You see a Kid Ultra on your team as Pendles/Deande/OM/S&A You make sure to DODGE their drones, not pick them up, and generally stay far far away from the maddening words “I’m Helping!”

In all seriousness, you can get 'em off by like taking enough damage at your thralls or something or Jumping off a cliff.[/quote]
These are not acceptable solutions from my point of view.


Solution: holding reload for 3 or more seconds drops the drone. It will retain the amount of healing it has left to give and can be picked up again


I don’t agree with drones revealing you and there being no way to manually remove them. There’s already enough tools for people to grief with, please don’t give them another one.

Either stealth the drones or give an option to let players drop drones.


I was going to say this exact thing. Stealth players can’t help it if a KU sticks a drone to them. It’s not a choice by that player, so the player should have some choice to get the drone off.

Ahh, I didn’t catch the steam. Thanks for letting me know.

I personally don’t agree with that decision though. It’s not a characters choice if a KU sticks a drone on them.

Yeah, that’s the only issue I can see is that in Randoms the communication isn’t there to let somebody know NOT to put a drone on you nor is it possible to shake 'em off without going through the ringer.

I do like the idea of manually “Dropping” a drone for somebody else to pick up or sumthin’.

That is a good option. My only issue with it is that I rarely know when a drone is on me as there is no indication (that I have seen or noticed), which is why I’d rather not have to try and micro manage one other thing. If it just despawned (or dropped in place) upon stealth, I think that would be a good option.

So they released a stealth based character, then gave your team the ability to completely nullify his strength :confused:

Interesting choice…

You are being healed and so will have a green plus on your screen.

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Every effect in the game has an indication. When you have a drone on you you get a pulsing blue visual aura around your HUD for as long as the drone is active.

Healer’s have long been able to pwn a stealth char’s sneakiness. Ambra’s suns hit you., for example. In general, get healed by anyone at all and you’ll have a HoT effect animation for several seconds longer than the effect lasts (same goes for pretty much any buff/debuff, really). It’s always been important to rely on teamwork with someone like Pendles on the team and it’s important for the healer to know when to heal a stealth character and when not to. If, for some reason, your KU is hitting you with drones just ask them to please not hit you with drones and, likewise, don’t walk over any drones.

The drones are not always avoidable. KU can aim them directly at teammates, and they will hit regardless of whether the player wants it to or not. This is just another way for trolls to spoil games for other players, and in this case it means you basically cannot go stealth characters if you suspect your KU might be either new and uninformed of game mechanics or intentionally trolling.

Why should stealth characters have to basically avoid teammates if there is a KU on their team? That’s the antithesis of teamwork.

There is “these character’s don’t have great synergy” and “these characters aren’t designed to work well together.” Teamwork is already an issue with random pubs in this game because there aren’t many easy ways to communicate without voice or text chat. Text is far too slow in the middle of the game, not every player has or uses their microphone, and this is ASSUMING that people listen to either. Don’t make it even harder for players.

Giving an option for players to manually drop the drones or having them drop on stealth will not hurt the game nor will it undermine teamwork.


I could be mistaken, but I think the pluses only show when you’re missing health, not when your health is full.

Maybe it should just be part of the meta. If you know you have teammates who rely on stealth you have to make tactical decisions on you usage of drones. There is an interesting give and take there as you have players who it could be a detriment to support, and players that it can be a detriment to rely on support

The healing + symbol in the bottom corner is always there :acmaffirmative: (sent to wrong post but right person)