Drop in/Drop out for story

We really need a drop in/out feature for story matches… Any chance that could become a reality


It sure would help with matchmaking and getting full teams. I for one am for it, and while we’re tinkering with it, add the same feature for story that PvP has in where you don’t have to find a new team after every map. Have the same team just keep on rolling into the next queue.

I am getting a little frustrated with queuing and only finding one or two more individuals. On the rare chance that a full team is made, you can all but guarantee that one will drop out halfway through, so let’s go ahead and put in the same penalty for story as well: drop out of a match, can’t start any other until that one is done.


There’s no need of it. A guy drops out, difficulty scales down, rest of the team completes the mission successfully like nothing happened. It’s not PVP where you’re likely to lose with one man down.

Does difficulty drop down? I was under the impression that difficulty is scaled the moment the match is created. Unless I missed something, every time I’ve dropped out of a mission, it gives the option to rejoin, and it’ll still say Players: 4 or 5 or however many you had at the beginning, even though you know for sure that there are only 1 or 2 left…


Yes, absolutely. I see people drop out regularly and never had any problems with difficulty.

Number of players indication and current difficulty work separately.

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We need bots too imo… Not game breaking ones, but SOMETHING

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good idea. for when whomever is in a story can pop in to help out and increase amount of AI, Etc

you mean bots that actually help out unlike Private PVP? lol

YES-- lol. I’ve opted for better AI in private pvp as well… I actually enjoy that mode, but the AI are making it less enjoyable…

@MentalMars has GBX ever confirmed this?

i haven’t hear if anything about this…

i have suggested bots for PvP. that players that drop out could be replaced by bots. if the player decides to re-connect the bot can easily be replaced. I don’t think the bot minds.

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YES! down with that. though I actually like to play offline with a friend or two so we can have conversation while we kill stuff, it makes it more casual than the unpredictability of players in PvP (that’s fun too but sometimes it’s nice to chillax). But if the AI are too stupid or too easy (like they are now) it’s actually boring… we need variable difficulties on the AI in PvP.

And just to clarify I don’t want people to be able to breeze through PvE bc of bots, I just think it would be nice to have some co-op AI dynamics, especially since it’s becoming really hard to find a full team now… and there are a lot of other games that have AI friendlies in a mission, so it’s definitely doable…