Drop rate are fine .. problem is annointment

the average runs to get a perfect legendary pistol in borderlands 2 is about 7(prefix)8(grips) 10(Drop rate). which is equal to 560run

the average runs to get good annointment in borderlands 3 is about 10(Drop rate)*0.7 (annointed drop rate , no confirmed number)*65(total annointment). which is equal to 455

but the difference is that theres very few useful annointment , if youre not getting that specific annointment , it simply dont work well . on borderlands 2 , you can get away with just a matching grip , which significantly reduce the farming , either matching or no it still very good anyway

Rakk build without rakk or ase annoint. gamma burst build without gamma burst annoint. fakegrasp without ase annoint . Zane without sntnl ot barrier annoint .

i mean sure u can u still work it out but the performance gonna drop heavily , its not like youre losing some reload speed for larger mag with a bandit grip , its more like flat out losing 100% damage , its huge deal.

the true reason we felt no matter how much we farm we wont get the drop is because literally theres like 3 4 for each character that actually viable .


Anointments in their current form should’ve never made it into the game. The effects of the good ones are far too strong. This game turned from being a game about farming guns to a game about farming anointments.

I’ve said it before and I say it again, this game has a lot if the same design problems as diablo 3. Too many different difficulty lvls with too ridiculous enemy health scaling, and with it come similar ridiculous dmg multipliers which invalidate every piece of gear that hasn’t got them.

There’s much I love about this game but I wish GB would do away with mayhem lvls and anointments.


Yeah, I don’t even bother picking up any items without anointments or with bad anointments. Bank can’t support all the subpar items and they will never be viable unless you play without difficulty modifiers. They could fix this easily by making all items have an anointment if you are playing on TVHM M4. Then remove the stupid anointments.

i hope they make a no annoint mode , so i can actually enjoy the game without thinking “oh i didnt get a annointed version , i must continue farming for it”

The bottomline is that you cant farm for the gun/annointment you want.

The drop rates when factoring in annointments are atrocious.

Days, weeks maybe even longer to get a gun to drop isnt very rewarding, its frustrating and makes people bitter.

We are 6 months into game. Those of us still playing should be able to have favorite guns that we should be able to farm and then play with.

Thats not happening, you are forced to beg for duped copies in discords and trading forums.

Is that what Gearbox wants?


Every youtuber: “Join my discord.”

Me: “Fekk off.”

To the op, it was always going to be about anointments. They made legendaries easier to get, because they knew making good anointments rare would maintain the curve. That’s the only reason they were added. Forget about weapons, the rarity of a good shield or grenade mod with any anointment is just absurd.

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I would like a feature to extract the anoint effect from a weapon, doing so you will destroy it, but you can appli that annoint to another weapon, to spice things up with a chance to brake that weapon if you try to appli the annoint on it… I like RPG/farming elements so this is what I would like, idk about other ppl

I would welcome if they’d get rid of the anointed system and focus more on quality than quantity. well, a billion guns sounds good, but only for marketing reasons.

heckin reduce impact of annointments and rebalance the game, ez fix.

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