Drop rate confusion

does anyone know if the drop rates have changed for the loot midgets

Nothing that we know of. Nonetheless, the chance appears to be around 10%, maybe a bit higher than that.

Since the drop rate increase is a hotfix and not an actual patch, you have to be online in order for it to be applied. The Legendary item drop rate was increased from 1:30 to 1:10. However, if and what you get is still up to RNG.

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From what I’ve seen Loot Midgets did not actually receive the hotfix as their drop rate is nearly, if not entirely, identical in both cases.

The only reason why I’m asking cause I farming the wild life center and they a it dropping nothing no pearls no legandaries nothing I thought it was patched

How many did you kill and on which mode?

Uvhm op level 8 I killed three still nothing

They aren’t guaranteed to drop any Legendaries. Like I said before they only have a drop rate around 10% for any Legendary or Pearl. So on average every 10th Loot Midget drops a Legendary or in rare cases a Pearl. This doesn’t mean you will see one every 10 kills, it may take two or even twenty kills but eventually they will drop something. Pearls are rather rare as they have over 3 times as many Legendaries as Pearls in their pool.

The drop rate for Ancient Relics is about 50% apparently.

thank u for letting me kno i was just confused about

Items can also rocket off into weird places, not render fully and go under the map in that area.