Drop rate improved? I think not

Am I the only one, in M10, that think they outright lied about fixing it? The Hotfixe applied, but the drop rate is still 1/3 of what old M4 was


It is insanely early but my early compare on Capt Traunt is that yesterday I was getting about 1.5 legendaries per kill, now I am getting slightly over 3.0.

The quantity of drops is up but it is all still vendor-trash garbage.


What exactly are you using as your measuring stick? There was a clarification in the hotfix announcement thread:

Note that the hotfix notes don’t say whether adjusted rates refer to designated drops, world drops, or both. My guess would be the latter, with the mayhem level fixes and 100% anointed drops on MH10.

Also, it doesn’t specify the magnitude of the adjustment. Given the random component involved it may be hard to discern a significant difference on only a few hours of play time.


yea, while maliwan troopers are dropping nothing, traunt is now flooded with loot the universe and stopped dropping the kaoson :l

First, I drop a lot of non annointed gear in M10, (around 30% of my loots). So this first part is false.

Second, there is the actual drop rate. Playing in M4 before 2.0, I used to fill my backpack with legendaries in one clear of athena. Now, a clear of the same planet WHILE the event is one and boost droprate gave me what … 10leg?

Same for the cartel map : Whole clear for 6 leg.

I know that there is some level of RNG, but let’s be honnest, even if M10 had the old M4 drop rate, this result would be incredibly unlikely low. Now with M10 meant to have vastly higher drop rate …

So yeah, more lies.

Captain Traunt seem indeed to drop more leg than before, but i’ll abscond to say if this is due to the hotfix or the event.

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guns are all anointed now
shields are not

Drop rate feels really like a waste of time at the moment, I think it’s because the co op loot bonus ended. So far, badasses seem to be dropping very little in the way of anything, even the named bosses in the Cartel are mostly dropping green and blue. This is on M10.

I think I am probably going to just take a break from the game for a while, until they bring back more drops and move to a different planet. Promethea in my opinion has enemies way too spread out and you spend more time searching for fights than actually killing and getting loot, particularly in the maps for artifact and class mod drops.

Yeah, tested it, it seem that the 100% chance annointement only apply to guns. Shield and grenade do not benefit from it. Which is either broken or incredibly stupid if that work “as intended”

And yeah, droprate are incredibly low. In old M4 you had nearly one leg ganrateed by badass, if not more. Now I get one every 4-5 badass.

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Mayhem 2.0 Anointment Drop Rate Issues Identified Since todays Hotfix rolled out earlier the anointed item drop rate at Mayhem Level 10 was intended to be 100%. An issue has been identified where this 100% drop rate is not correctly applying to shields. A change for this is being worked on and will be deployed as soon as possible.

As you are playing Borderlands 3 currently, you’ll notice that the adjustment to anointed drop rates is not applying to shields. We’re working on a change for this to be deployed as soon as possible.

Yea, pretty much. I’m tired of Superballs, Thunderball Fists, Bangarang XL, etc. I think I’ve only gotten 1 Kaoson.

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Oh dang. I was gonna farm for a better Kaoson. Won’t spend much time with that now.

Speaking of drops, what Mayhem level do you need for the Driver, Rakk Pakk, etc with M 2.0 now? M4, M6, M10?

i dont know why im still killing traunt :l
probably just lethargy

This! don’t even Get me started on the twins who now drops so many world drops and not enough dlc world drops ‘cough cough’ anarchy it’s mind numbmingly frustrating

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Took hours to get an auto kaoson, poorly annointed, and still hunting the villa for my first OPQ

I’m not touching this piece of crap anymore until they finally fix all they broke with M2.0

I mean, they’re great at developing new interesting content (new enemies, new zone …) but the team that handle balancing the game need to be fired, point blank, in the head, at this point

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As COM’s are not mayhem levelled you may as well run M1 if you want to speed it up.

I got 1 Kaosan in 16 runs yesterday and 1 in 16 today.

Still seems garbo to me. The 100% anoint is nice and all but still if you farm something over 50 times and it still doesn’t drop then what’s the point :confused:

Well, previously, these particular COMs only dropped at Mayhem 4. Since there doesn’t seem to be a one-to-one correspondence between old & new Mayhem 4 – good question! I’d say Mayhem 4+ probably but perhaps @Noelle_GBX could confirm?

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For me, I can kill him mindlessly if i am in a meeting I don’t really need to be in. That’s why I am still at it.