Drop rate improved? I think not

yea same xD
just some braindead rotation

Also not all dropped weapons are anointed, confirmed in mh 10.

I was not the OP, but I will use the most basic of measuring sticks. I have killed the twin abomination bosses in the latest DLC about 15 times and two of those times have resulted in 0 legendaries. Not 0 annointed legendaries, but 0, as in nothing at all, drops.

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I am farming the fabricator mk2 for ion cannons. Luckily it’s a guaranteed drop, because that’s all he’s dropping.
I usually get 3-4 world drops every run before the patch, but now I’m lucky to just get 1.

Yes their drop rate is ■■■■■■ and if you do get drops is now standard world drops polluting them not even the dlc world drops. Good luck trying to get an anarchy :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Am I going crazy or did grenade damage increase? Outside of the new Fish grenade, I don’t remember seeing any that approached 10k damage.

Maybe I had been ignoring anything that didn’t have Hex or Tracking in the name, before.

It better be retroactive to gear dropped in m10 but ■■■■■■ up by GB.

i think the issue of drops is the allocation of drops quality btw any MH LV and the game itself.

u see most of drops are XXX Dps, 1-2 Dps( with 1-2 K Edmg) etc, it’s a STVM mode LV, they drop as GB or the game design for people to play more characters. i got that conclusion from the quality of drops in the game currently. it’s so bad in the system, they just need take some adjustment as i mentioned above.

if the system is better , u would not

  1. see any STVM LV drop on any MH LV as many as currently
  2. get many weapons which isn’t at current MH LV in a whole day farming…

I got two kaoson from him yesterday. The overall drop rates are about 90% less than last week though.

I’ve got Kaosun, Sand Hawk and Multi-Tap, but do you think I can get Reflux?

On Mayhem LV6 you’re supposed to have +1300% on loot; I call bullshot on that since I have killed GeneIVIV three times and she only dropped a few purples and some greens.

She’s a boss with +30000% armour and shield thanks to Mayhem LV6 but the game just decides you don’t deserve a decent reward for killing her.

What the hell is going on?

Normal play seems to be broken, seriously…
My daughter and I did the entire Wainright part today, Clay, Chad, all of it and we had nothing but green loot. Last time we did this at least the tougher enemies like the Banjo’s or Unkillable dropped some gold, but not today…100% green

I killed her with my wife for one hour straight and we kill her in 2 minutes. On m10.

We got purples blues and normal lvl 57 drops not even m10 gear.

Thats alot of kills. Its boring with no actual reward.

I’d settle for more consistent quality at this point. Been farming the Warden for Plaguebearers, and I got these beauties across two separate sessions:

Reflux was a pain to get, I think it took me 15-18 tries at M10. IMO the new legendaries have the drop rates of the old pre-M2.0 designated drops. As an interesting note I’m seeing something odd on Athenas. Maggie. Maggie hasn’t dropped once from Traunt but I’ve seen a few drop off adds. Could be coincidence, but who can say for certain.

Coincidence. I had 3 Maggies drop off Captain Traunt over the weekend. I also saw Maggies drop from badass troopers and ratch.

Yep just dropped one for me too. 2100x6. Guess I may need to camp here for a bit

Mayhem 10 is currently bugged, and sometimes the loot don’t scale

Instead of fixing what was already broken , they added new things

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It’s worse than getting level 49/50 or 52/53 gear though. This is multiple levels below the “cap”, and just shouldn’t happen. I’d be fine with M9 or even M8 stats, that would be close the variation in parts. But the first drop is half the damage of the second. No sense in farming Aggy because the drops are sub-10.

And it also highlights how useless the Item Score is. I thought it was calculated off of damage and if it’s anointed. But here we have two versions of the same gun, both anointed, damage is 2+ to 1, and the scores are the same. It makes no sense.

Ok so GenIV (wow, I have not fought her in forever, what a terrible boss) just dropped nothing. No orange, no purple, 1 blue. The hades?


It appears the % of increase at MH10 is based on a calculation of 0. So in a sense MH10 has the worst drop rate of all tiers. They need to factor MH1-10 as such 1-10 the the loot modifier would be % of that. Example MH10 would be 2500 * 10 for loot modifier.