Drop Rates affected by difficulty?

I’ve been killing Corporal Bob for a couple weeks now in normal mode for a particular skin. This made me wonder: are drop rates better in TVHM or UVHM for some or all items than they are in normal? And are the drops affected by which character you’re on (ie you get more Athena mods skins etc if you play as Athena, more Nisha mods skins etc if you play as Nisha)? Has Gearbox addressed this or have people done studies on it? What have you noticed?

Not that I have noticed.

I’ve farmed quite a bit on all the modes. Runs of 10 and 20 here and there, I guess not that much compared to the big dog farmer’s that do runs of 100 and up (no idea how they do that … more than I got time for).

No better drop rates.

The only difference is the level of the loot. Not the rarity. Not the moonstone count.

Oh, and any XP gained is higher on higher levels, of course.

Even going offline no longer helps with drop rates. At least one can use the grinder offline.

It is all just random … and for me … random = no loot for you.

IIRC, the UVHM announcement indicated increased drop rates (at least relative to NVHM). Quite what that actually means is anyone’s guess.

Okay, that’s something. Do we have a link to that or?

I’ve been playing UVHM with my Aurelia for the last 2 weeks (yeah, I’m kinda slow, but gonna make it to lvl 60 in one UVHM run).

That is what I spent all last night grinding Iwajira with.

Also we did some LAN play with 4 players in UVHM this last weekend.

I am not seeing increased drop rates in UVHM.

In fact, the drop rate seems the lowest it has ever been.

I’ve really just given up worrying about drops. It is going to be what it is going to be, and that is that.

I too would be interested in seeing any info that says the drop rate is increased in UVHM. At least that offer me some hope … even if it was just a placebo effect.

I think players have reported better drop rates in UVHM. But I can’t recall anything official. Most of my gametime is still in TVHM. Still working on raising all 6 classes up.

For what it’s worth, the other day I got a legendary rocket launcher drop from flameknuckle in the holodome at level 57 UVHM.

Also, this morning in normal. First sentinel completion. Got wilhelm’s legendary class mod (erididian vanquisher).

Here’s the original announcement Looks like my memory was a little dodgy on the details, which are actually: more ammo drops and “better loot”. I think I just assumed that “better loot” meant increased odds of getting blue/purple/orange gear, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the drop rate for legendary items is actually increased. You could make the same claim by doing something like the VH’s relic in BL2, which reduced the likelihood of getting white items but left the relative chance of getting green-orange unchanged.

I would love to see an “Inside the box” loot article for TPS, hint hint!

“Better loot” could easily be “we raised the level cap to 60, so the level 60 stuff will be better than the level 50 stuff of the same rarity” too. I’d like to get official word on this; Gearbox could think of it as giving people incentive to get to UVHM and level 60 to farm loot that drops more frequently (if that’s what actually happens) because right now, the incentives people have to get to UVHM and 60 looks like this:

Aaaaand we’re done.

The increased loot drops with difficulty levels is, or should be the same as bl2. It effects world drops, not loot pool drops. So less whites and greens and more blue and purples.

Going by that, then it doesn’t matter what difficulty you kill someone with a defined loot pool in, if I’m reading this correctly.

Thats correct