Drop rates are bugged or being manipulated

The drop, not only drop rates but what will drop could be bugged or manipulated by the devs. Think I am lying, try for yourself with a big group: at the moment on PC it is impossible to drop Kybs or Redist, no one, no one got even 1 of that. I was watching 2 streamers and one of them have more than 1.5k watchers. No one in the stream have it. All my friends farming Wotan for 3 days (more than 15 people) got no Redist ou Kybs… not even 1 piece… I am not talking about getting the right gear, I am talking about getting any Redist or Kybs on Maliwan Takedown!

I’ve gotten a redistributer and a kybs today. On Xbox one


Exactly on console. I am talking about PC version as you can read on my post.

Watched them drop on Stream today, on a PC player.


Lol. Alright, just saying

It’s almost as if they are rare… Shock horror…


And I got 2 redistributor to drop at once I think about 2 days ago. There’s actual data that sends with hotfixes and patches, and some people read that data and I assure you drop rates have not been manipulated in the past few days.


I’ve had 2 kybs drop and 2 redis. Have only done it maybe 8 or 10 times since the update

Did you get on PC level 53?

Yeah both redistributors were barrier anointed. One Cryo, one shock.
Kybs were both anointed too, but I dont think the anointments on them were anything to write home about lol

Secretly manipulated by Randy :alien:

Just did the takedown 3 times on PC, M4, true takedown, got 3 redistributors on 2 runs. This weekend did a couple runs too, managed to get 2 Kybs (good ones, bad ones i don’t even pick up tbh) and 1 Redistributor. Everything I picked up was annointed AND lvl 53. So I really don’t know what you are on about. They do drop for sure, and I was playing solo! So not gotting any even in multiplayer seems a bit off… What Mayhem lvl were you guys on?

Again… lvl 53, M4, ON PC

Uhh…since folks have confirmed that they have found the item being claimed as unobtainable, I’m closing the thread.

RNG is a harsh goddess, sometimes.