Drop rates are completely abysmal. Needs to be a little more forgiving

Played since beta and day one purchase and have played every night since.
Play a lot of story and pvp.
Must have killed henchman, Geoff and Isic 200 + times easily on normal, advanced hardcore etc and have never gotten their legendaries.
I’m not asking for a handout but cmon now you would figure I would get at least one drop from one of them and nothing.
This reminds me of warrior from BL2.
Change the rng

They could make the drop rate 99% and theres still a chance you wont get the loot you want in 200 runs. Gearbox can’t make RNGsus not ■■■■ on you without upping the drops to 100% :confused:

Other games with RNGsus aren’t this bad though

Idk what to tell you, I have 4 story legendaries and 8 pack legendaries and Ive played each campaign level 3 times each at most.

It’s literal chance, nothing is guarenteed

Did you play year one destiny? It sounds like you didn’t.

On topic, I got henchmans legendary the first time I did the mission on full release.

Got ISICs legendary from story not to long ago as well.

thats the worst part,some people get 3 legendaries in a single normal run, some people get none in a hundred advanced runs

This topic has been up several times already people, random number generator means random… your all smart enough to know this so why are you complaining

A lot of the problem is that we dont know what the drop rates are or how they’re influenced, between normal or advanced, public or private, 1 man or 5 man, hardcore or unique characters, all things that may have an impact on drops but all still fruitless for many.

I have gotten so many legendaries. Most of them suck, but still. The drop rate is fine.

In a total of 56 missions attempts I already have a Firmware update 1.51c, Lorrrian purse cutter, Plasmite Transducer, Poor M-Pulse Controller, Vigilance Link, Vow of Vengeance, and Vow of Zealous Fury all from drops. All from coop story missions on normal, usually with five players. Maybe I’m just lucky, but I haven’t had much problem getting legendaries.

I don’t feel like the drop rates are fine, sure it’s from the makers of Borderlands but this game is NOT A LOOTER, you shouldn’t apply looter droprates to it if there’s no more loot than 4-5 items total!

In Borderlands, you had a mountain of loot and you picked up a couple of items that might be worth using, sell the rest. Here you get 1/30th of the loot and it’s still got bad droprates for legendaries let alone stuff you’d consider using, not to mention that story missions get pretty repetitive after so many tries.

The droprates are not fine. Either greatly increase credit amounts, or droprates. Something has to change :confused:

Oh, right there’s also the fact legendaries roll random stats too, so if after countless hours you actually get the ONE legendary from a lootbox you want, chances it’s gonna roll with crap stats and you need to find another one. Have fun the next 200 hours.

That’s been fixed recently. They are all the same stats now.

You’re lucky. In 126 i have the link and… vyns quiver.

Sadly that’s just the character legendaries. All non-character specific legendaries still roll random stats :confused:

Really? I didn’t spot that. Sorry for any confusion.

I also got a lot of the final hits on the bosses, that may help too.