Drop rates are not bad - edit - dedicated loot drops do need a buff - world drop rates are good as is

But I remember Borderlands 2 early days. It wasn’t until about 1.5 years after BL2 came out that it got the drop rates they settled on. Before then the rates were something like 0.05% to 5% to even see a legendary on a given boss kill.

In Borderlands 3 I see legendaries drop at what feels like 50% chance for a boss, and if I see 1, I often tend to see up to 3 more.

I’m not understanding what people are complaining about in BL3. It feels just about right.

edit: apparently dedicated loot drops have bad chances.


#1. The legendary pool in BL3 is massively polluted so the majority of those drops get left on the ground.

#2. The dedicated pools is what most are complaining about because the rate is pathetic.


The dedicated drop rate is way lower than 5%. Nobody cares when they get a woodblocker on 50% on their kills.


I think drop rates were 1/30 for the most part in BL2. That was definitely painful but manageable f you were not after a specific prefix.

I think the difficulties with farming in BL3 are the rare enemies spawn. Some rare enemies only spawn like 20% of the time. Ive gone 15 runs without a spawn before farming Thunk and Sloth. And then they have 3 legendaries tied to them, and I only want the Victory Rush Artififact which I may get like every 10-12 kills. If you include the runs where they don’t spawn then thats 50-60 runs for the legendary I want. Then you factor in the correct prefix, I want an Icebreaker, thats like another 1/10. And now our chances shoot up to like 1 in 600 or so runs for a chance to get the artifact I want. If it takes roughly 2 minutes to load up my game, run to the area and then exit the game on PS4 then it will take me over 20 hours to get what I want!

Its almost worth me just farming gigamind or graveward and hoping I get lucky.


There is more variation within the system in this game than borderlands 2. Anointments create variations. Class mods wildly vary. I can get a class mod successfully 50 straight times and I still wont have the class mod I need for my build. Same with the anointment system.

Dedicated drop rates need to be BETTER than BL2 due to the variation they added to this game


Lol… it’s so true! Why so many woodblockers?!? Like woodblocker (I like to call it the lootblocker), malak’s bane and the lob… why do they drop like 15x more than any other gun? Haha


ASMD is the bane of my existence.


Yes! That is another one I get constantly.

They HAVE to have some of these guns set at a higher drop rate… even if they didn’t intend to somehow.

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If you think with the mind of a GBX troll Dev. Think what other word could be substituted for “wood” combined with “blocker” and you have the answer.


Yeah man people are doing hundreds of runs to get a class mod and then you have the chance of it having a crap roll. It’s kinda disheartening.

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i wonder why woodblocker and ASMD drop so much more than everything else? clearly it’s not equal rates on everything.

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Drop rates sucks. I’m trying my hardest to not ask for dupes, but I can only spend so many hours farming for something before it just becomes a drag. In specific annointed legendary drops are in the toilet again even on Mayhem 4.


Don’t forget The Lob and Malak’s Bane.

These are what I call n00b drops. They’re crappy legendaries that drop often enough that new players will be excited to get them. It’s only the much more dedicated player that farms that will realize just how common they are.


I think it boils down to your personal RNG at that point. I’ve gotten very few woodblockers and ASMD’s. However I feel like I have found infinity Infinities…

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Thank you for this important clarification. I haven’t specifically been farming the dedicated drops yet. Though I tried to on one of them, with no luck. I think I can agree on that. I guess I didn’t know the rates were on those.

No way… lol. There’s a handful of guns that drop way more than any others… that’s why people in this thread are naming some of the same guns. When you are farming for hours day after day you can tell when certain guns are showing up more than other stuff. We aren’t talking about “I got three in an hour”… over the long term.


That is really only a problem for the new class mods and M4 only weapons that were added with the Maliwan update. Pretty much everything else world-drops in which case you can farm it from virtually any boss.

The thing to know and keep in mind with the dedicated drops is that you have the exact same odds of getting one no matter what level you’re playing at. So, your odds of getting a dedicated item drop is the exact same with no Mayhem as it is at Mayhem 4. Your odds of getting an anointment increase by increasing Mayhem levels, but going higher levels in Mayhem does not give you better odds of getting the item to drop.

I’m doing some testing and am almost done. Based on my preliminary data if you’re farming for anything other than the M4 only items then you’re best off farming at Mayhem 2 as it’s the best balance between difficulty and time to complete the farm and the amount and type of loot. Mayhem 3 only has about an 18% increase in loot drops over M2, but can take significantly longer to complete. Over the course of time you could farm more gear making more of the faster M2 runs than getting the higher average drops per run of M3.

M4 farming should only be done if you’re looking for the M4 only gear. So far it’s looking like an 80% increase in loot and number of anointments over M3, but the increased time and difficulty means you could probably run more than twice as many M3 runs in the same amount of time.

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But that goes against the purpose of why so many people asked for dedicated sources and why they gave them to us. What’s the point in giving that to us if world drop farming (slaying GW in 2s) remains the best way to get anything. I think it’s pretty stupid.

The problem with this is the lower your mayhem the lower chance it’s anointed. When you are at end-game, non-anointed stays on the ground. So there is no point in farming dedicated drops without mayhems. And here’s the thing with that. If you aren’t at end-game, you likely aren’t farming dedicated drops.

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People farming for certain anointments on certain pieces of gear go for days then just give up without even scoring a decent anointment, I think that’s the issue.


Polybius is my personal dud legendary

I remember in BL2 there were some common guns that were, for some reason, extremely rare drops because there was some bug that made a specific combo just not show up at the same rates as the others. I want to say it was SMGs with Hyperion body and Maliwan barrel, or Maliwan body with Hyperion barrel, but there’s some gun part combo that should have the same rate of apperance as everything else, but doesn’t.

To bring this back to legendary drops, maybe somebody made a mistake while drawing up the loot tables and these guns having such a high drop rate is a bug. Come to think of it, Woodblocker/ASMD/Malek’s Bane/Krakatoa are all sniper rifles iirc? That’s an interesting coincidence.

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