Drop rates are not bad - edit - dedicated loot drops do need a buff - world drop rates are good as is

It’s a broken system, no argument there. The dedicated drops could definitely use a buff, but farming should still be farming. It just shouldn’t require 3 days of farming to get what you want. A few hours for a really close to perfect M4 only drop would not be unreasonable. You would get several of the dedicated drops in that time, but getting the one that’s about as close to perfect as you could ask for would still require some significant dedication.

The paragraph right after the one you quoted already directly answered this concern. I’ll absolutely agree that there’s no point in farming until you’ve hit level 50 and have Mayhem unlocked. That said, M2 appears to be the best balance between the time it takes to complete the run, and your odds of getting the item anointed. Yes, the odds of being anointed is lower, but you can make 4 to 5 times as many runs on M2 as you can in M4 in the same amount of time. Since your odds of getting the dedicated drop at all are the same at both levels, it’s better to take 4-5 times more drops with a 50% lower chance of getting it anointed if you get the dedicated one.

And that’s assuming you don’t die in either one. I’ll bet you die much more often in M4 requiring a restart without the loot.


I’ve been suspecting for a while that you get specific weapon types dropped more often depending on your character. I know my Flak gets more sniper rifles while my Zane gets more submachine guns.


I’m going to use one example. I farmed Tarantella for 3 days solid. All day. I play a ridiculous amount of hours per day. At least 10-12 hours of each of those days was save/quit/kill tarantella in 30 seconds. I wanted a Digi-Clone anointed Corrosive Hive for a build I had in mind.

I got one Hive, in that entire time. A non-anointed radiation version. It literally made me so close to just putting the game down. I would have been happy with the wrong version of the hive dropping 2-3 times a day, that would at least be somewhat motivating, but I don’t even get that.

Farming should be a thing absolutely. And it always will be with the sheer amount of drops and variations to them. But farming should feel rewarding, always, not discouraging.

The worst part was, 75% of the kills she dropped nothing, a couple whites and 2 bars of eridium, wooot.


I’ve got two near perfect Rakk Pak mods. The only way to get one is either get it from Wotan or to farm it from Tink the Cunning in the Trials of Cunning. Being a trial boss means you absolutely have to complete the entire trial from beginning to end to find out if Tink even drops it, and if he doesn’t then you have to replay the entire trial. All at M4. It took me a week, so I understand.

And then I got Rakk Attack anointed Dastardly Maggie from Graveward in less than 2 hours.

So yeah, it’s broken. Stupidly broken.


Gave up on Fl4k mod after a few days and have farmed for a Maggie almost nonstop in CoS since on M3. I have a good Maggie but want an annointed one. I haven’t seen a non-annointed one drop and am seriously starting to believe CoS is not the dedicated location for it. I’m way way beyond 100 kills on TRex.


Been there done that lol. Ran both Cunning and Discipline 100’s of times each. I tracked 100 Discipline runs and posted it in a few topics here. The results are pathetic. 3% drop rate on the class mod itself. They drop basically nothing else so most runs net you 0 satisfaction.

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Oh, I farmed there. Boy have I farmed there…

Spent a whole day farming there a couple of days ago at M3. Found 12 Maggies total. Only 3 were anointed, none with the one I wanted and I’ve got a +13.9% luck from the Guardian Rank.

So yeah, I’m not a big fan of the dedicated drop system either.


12 in a couple of days in enough to keep a person going. I’m almost 2 weeks in and I’m at zero. Losing the desire to play at this point.



And then there’s the world drops with Graveward. I swear there is no reason to farm for world drop items anywhere else.

I’ve got a few but no damage buff aside from on terror, 15% healing on ase is crazy though. I don’t need to it hit for 100k though, I got a few anointed nighthawkins that melt badasses.

These guns definitely drop a little more often than the other legendaries, but I personally get the Flood, Hornet, or the Companion more frequently.

It’s almost like there are two tiers of legendaries… I’m sure Gearbox will never talk about, or confirm this, but if you farm a lot, you can tell the guns that drop all the time.


BL3 is a completely different kettle of fish from BL2. BL2 loot was heavily curated in comparison so even though less items dropped in general, more ‘useful’ items dropped on a much more frequent basis.

A direct comparison doesn’t really do the situation justice.

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Its pretty obvious to the people putting many hours into this game that drop rates at M4 are terrible.

Many core fans that engage with the game and the community, have stated in their own words that specific drops at M4 are not balanced right, and in particular getting variations of these anointed drops are not balanced right at all.

In another thread with the title,

Can we please do something to cut off the ridiculous amount of farming

This was one of my favourite quotes.

In another thread,


Where people some people didn’t yet understand the OP’s point, this was raised…

In another thread,

And another thread…

The Drop Nerf has sorta boned us

An in another amusing and related thread


I could carry on… But I think you get the point…


Borderlands has always had terrible farming mechanics. One of the biggest turn offs of the series and why so many DL saves or edit in weapons.


do u realize when u get a legendary on BL2 u are pretty much good to go ? early stage on BL2 is so easy and dont require best combo to beat , i hate to memtion yote again but i had to , he literally beat terra with some random green maliwan sniper . can u do the exact same thing on BL3 end game ? it is not happening .

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Just wanna let you know you typed BL3 instead of BL2 in your first sentence. Don’t want your point to be lost.

thank you sir

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Hey, I’m only playing 10 to 12 hours a day, 7 days a week since minutes after the game was playable. I’m not like one of those people who do nothing but plays Borderlands 3 or something…
(For those who have accused me of exaggeration in past threads, this is literal.)

So calling me “core community”, I don’t know how I feel about that. I mean, I’m not a professional game streamer, I don’t think I’m the target they are currently building the game for. In fact, they actively keep breaking things I make use of. It kind of gets to making a guy feel almost unwelcome.

The game showers us with gear (in TVHM), but getting the gear to make the most of your build is incredibly rare. Duplicate items, incorrect class mods, wrong anointments (100% damage while airborne, seriously?), the ways the game drops the “wrong” things are massive. And in previous Borderlands games, most legendaries were useable compared to the massive pile of underperforming legendary gear we have in Borderlands 3. What are there, three useable shields, four? And of those three almost everyone runs a Transformer. It isn’t a matter of people being lazy (as at least one poster has commented) it’s a matter of people using what’s effective. There’s not a large number of very usable legendaries (in comparison to the number of legendaries in the game).

I have noticed in the last week or so that there seems like some type of increase in specificity of the drops (things actually seem like they might be for your character and build, more than they used to be at least). However, the last TVHM M4 run of Blacksite I did I got 3 Amara class mods, I was on my Fl4k and my Amara is level 15 - that’s not super helpful, and the rest of the drops were super underperforming legendaries.

Usability. Specificity. Availability. We have SCADS of legendaries, we need usable gear for our specific builds, the ability to farm the specific items we need for those builds, and the actual ability to get those items otherwise our builds do not work. The devs made this game far more gear dependent than any previous title. If we are expected to play it seriously, we need the ability to obtain the gear to do it.


This is the kind of data you need to tell gearbox about.

So, it’s obvious then that M3 needs higher loot odds. And m4, even more so. If it takes 8x the work, then it needs be 12x the reward, for example.

And mayhem mode needs to increase odds for dedicated drops!