Drop rates are trash, Im done

You cant farm for legendaries in this game.

There are 2 maybe 3 annointments that are viable for certain guns which make them viable for M4.

I can spend days farming a “dedicated” drop source and get 50 variations of the same legendary but not the annointment that makes it viable.

Farming is not fun. You just raised the level and will probably do it again, yet cant let us enjoy the game and be able to get the guns we want.

Ill give gearbox one more chance, DRASTICALLY increase annointment and drop rate or I walk after next patch.


no offense, but this sounds like a post on the destiny app. there are more annoints than 2 or 3 that are viable, experiment a bit and have fun. if you don’t want to, take a break. the game will still be here when you wish to return brother.


I know all the guns, the game has been out for almost 6 months.

And yes, on certain guns, only a few annoints are viable.

They decided to add annoints to this game and balance M4 around it.

They did not adjust drop rates to compensate. They are stuck in bl2 mindset that if i see a legendary im happy.

Right now if I want to farm a gun with an specific annointment it is nearly impossible, how is that borderlands at all?


I get your frustrated, but any game is just there for enjoyment. if you don’t enjoy it, play something you do enjoy until they update bl3 to your liking. there is a new mayhem 2.0 coming eventually, so maybe just not play until that is released. no need to let a game make your angry. :+1:


This is the biggest hint of all.

Dedicated drops don’t quite work like people think they do… Nor do Anointments.

agreed, blues and purples with the annoints you need can be just as good. I think op is too focused on the best of the best for everything instead of experimenting and seeing what works. that is the fun of borderlands after all.


I find it refreshing to get a new arsenal while I wait for the perfect drop to happen personally. And as far as drop rates go they are far from bad. Most of my legendary drops have been annointed and I got a map full of them after a few slaughter shaft runs so it would basically be a handout if they were any more generous. Idunno what else to say but maybe consider lowering your expectations and dont just go after the best gear. Needless to say one less extremely entitled player might not be a bad thing but whatever happens happens and best of luck with your plea for droprates so high every cannon fodder enemy would drop a god roll annointed legendary…


I feel the OP’s frustration. Spent around 5 hours farming Katagawa ball for an anointed redundant brainstormer. Found 2 brainstormers, only 1 anointed, and not redundant. Yes a x7 will work (and it is more damage over the lvl 50 x14) but if you want that high pellet count you really want the redundant.

I farm on M3 as I find this to be the best balance between getting anoints and not getting too many world drop legendaries.

I don’t think the drop rates are too bad but I would appreciate the dedicated loot pools to be smaller.

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contradicts title :dizzy_face:


That’s what I was thinking. Are you done or going to be done

Hey, if you don’t like a thread, don’t post in it. Either offer some advice about the game, or leave it alone, please.


There’s always players willing to trade here on the forums. Maybe try giving that a shot . It can also be a good way of meeting new people for possible co-op adventures in the future. It’s a viable option and also something that often goes overlooked, but Gearbox did put a “trade” feature in the game for a reason.


Looks like you are new here. Folks with purple name tags are moderators.

I don’t understand how you all that keep saying this. My vault is full to the max, as well as both my hunters. I get 6-10 legendary pieces every single time I play, and for the first time ever I’m having to decide to sell certain legendary items due to space constraints. Granted, 80 percent of the legendary items I’ve received have come after I made level 50 and started playing consistently at Mayhem 2.

I got the remaining items I needed for my FL4K builds during the red chest event, it was raining legendaries during that, at least for me.

I’d really be interested to know “how” you’re playing and what your loot drop expectation is based on the amount of time you put in. Oh, I re-read your post and see you’re looking for specific gear with specific annointments. I could care less about that at this point, but I can see your point if you working mainly from Mayhem 4 and need that certain piece or pieces to complete builds.

Try farming Tyreen the destroyer. She drops the best anoints, you just need to get lucky with the world drops. In the last 3 days I’ve gotten at least 6 +100%damage ase guns to replace the lv 50 ones that i got from graveward. (without the anoints)

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I’m a huge borderlands fan. I know all the guns, Ive played them all.

Im fine with a level cap increase. Im not ok with annointed drop rate.

In BL2 farming was fun because you know you will get the legendary to drop from a specific source.

When you add incredibly powerful annointments to the game and balance around them, they are not perks but requirements.

This has made it impossible to farm for the gun you want because it may never drop. That is a problem.


The game isn’t balanced around anointed guns. M4 maybe. The Maliwan takedown maybe.
I said in another comment this morning: I’m using plenty of guns that aren’t anointed, and my level 50’s are still working against 53 M3. It still feels like the challenge is mostly from randomized penalties (if it seems that challenging at all). Half the time I forget to check my modifiers because I’m not having problems in general.

If you’re focused on the takedown raid or M4, then you can’t say much about how BL2 was better. Raid bosses and Digistruct Peak were balanced around the most powerful weapons and Slag was a requirement.

depend on what build people trying to do , most of the time only 2 3 annoint actually works .

but the issue is that annoint are too good , the difference between 1 and 1 without is wayy too huge .
just imagine if flak rakk attack build dont have either ase 100 or rakk 100


I, for one, am ecstatic about any anointment, even if it doesn’t do anything!

Higher weapon score just warms my cold heart.

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if gearbox had pure mode where there are no annointments and difficulty scales accordingly i would only ever play that