Drop rates are trash

What is the point of playing online for the special events when the drop rate is such trash regardless.


Thanks for the valuable input.

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Agreed I was thinking the same thing.

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no U.

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<3 uwu

The drop rates in this game are leagues better than every other borderlands game. How much better do you want them to be

yhea its sutch ■■■■■■■■ when i farm on mayhem 3 and ■■■■ to kill boses for a long time and enmies just to get one lengendary and and half the time non just epics and bluse

My issue isnt the drop rates but the “world loot” table

But yeah, farming this event has been a pain

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I’ve pulled more legendary from chests on the way to the farm target than the actual targets.

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Welcome to RPGs , its luck.So if you like it farm it,if you don’t.Drop it.Its luck,I really dont understand what do you exactly want?
Everything to drop instantly so the game and content can end after 5 days since release?

If you can be more clear with your arguments and desires maybe it will be helpful.

Yeah i’m getting pretty good legendary drops but if you are looking for anything specific then GOOOOOOOD LUUUUUUCK.

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