Drop rates Broken to pieces?

Not too sure if I’m in the right section so maybe a mod can help me out if I’m in wrong place?

Anyway, I’m wondering is the dedicated drop rate for the S3RV-BOS-EXECUTE SMG, which is General Traunt, has that been deleted now?
I’ve been farming him for 3 days and 2 nights now, and I can’t get him to drop it at all, zilch, nada, nothing…In fact I can get General Traunt to drop everything BUT the Execute SMG…I even got a Hellwalker for goodness sake, and He’s not even supposed to drop them, it’s meant to be Road Dog over in Splinterlands…not that I’m complaining by the way! that Hellwalker was a beautiful find

So does anyone know if General Traunt drops the Execute SMG or have I been wasting my time farming him??

I got my first one from him, and a second as a world drop. I know he dropped it at one point for sure though.

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Yeah but WHEN did you get it from him?
I’m thinking that maybe GBX recently nerfed the dedicated drop for the Execute and it’s somewhere else now?
I want to know for sure because I’m not too keen on going back and killing General Traunt another 158 times lol

the dedicated drop is not general traynt anymore, I think it is the weird green anointed in Anvil ( yup it is check lootlemon:)

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It drops from Anointed X2/3 on Mayhem 4 and above. It was changed couple months ago.
Check Lootlemon for drops


Grrrrrr thanks GrzesPl i should have checked lol

I think it was around the time the last Cartel event was on? :thinking: Also, apparently what I thought was a world drop was actually a dedicated drop from X2 and X3 in the Anvil.