Drop rates dropped?

Whilst on UVHM I had LLM always dropping something, be it a Relic or Orange/Pearl. Even in my first 15 kills of the Warrior I had 2x Volcano, Logans Gun, Kerblaster, Unkempt Harold, Leech. But now after returning to the usual spots nothing seems to drop at all.

Relics are about a 1/4 on LLM, 3 days of loading up a few times a day to kill Warrior a dozen times barely gets a purple and now even LLM just won’t drop anything.

Has this happened to anyone? what the hell did i do to my game to make it give me the cold shoulder?

Drop rates have not changed since the October 2015 update. If you had somehow deleted the title update and reverted to the release version of the game, you’d definitely notice a difference.

That said, dry spells do happen simply because everything is RNG-based - it’s in the nature of sadistics statistics.


i didnt think it was an update but something that triggers in the game at least, i like how i managed to get 3 pearls at around lvl 55 in about 8 runs, but over a week later i cant get anything to drop, even relics from LLM were a 100% now its more like 25%. Is it a known fact at all whether gamestage affects these things?

That is exceptionally good luck. Which a player will get once in a while. But that’s far above any rate I have ever seen. (Note that things are improved through the OP levels, with highest pearl drop rates in OP8; as far as I know, it’s always been that way though.)


@VaultHunter101 Satistics?

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Only for second gen pearls. I have never seen any evidence that there’s any change in first gen drop rates from 62 to OP8.

(again, for 2nd gen only)

OP0 - 1%
OP1 - 1.49%
OP2 - 2.17%
OP3 - 3.12%
OP4 - 4.54%
OP5 - 6.66%
OP6 - 9.09%
OP7 - 14.28%
OP8 - 20%

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No: Satistics. Sadistic statistics.

I dunno, even the named mobs that have assigned loot were so easy to farm as you came accross them, 2 veruc 1x Lyudmila 3x nukem in only 6 runs of Black Queen, 10 runs or less of boll/Lee had 2x fastball 1x harold, Kerblaster in 4 runs.

In a separate run of LLM before heading to Warrior i went back to WEP and got another harold/bitch/wtf in only a few runs, not even long enough to call farming and relics on every single LLM kill even out in other maps.

But… as soon as i spent my rng luck on the Warrior (same amount of world drops as designated drops for some reason 3 of each) everything is changed, the relics are scarce and no legendaries to speak of, excent another harold from a random LLM. It really seems like my good-loot fortune has been spent, its a known fact that developers enhance rates for early gameplay in a lot of games and it seems like it knows that now ive done the story ill be farming forever so rates drop so i have to spend more time now. getting 4 underleveled pearls on my first time in UVHM seems like such a waste :L

You sure about that?

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Yes of course. Tubs have a chance to drop 1st gens. Poorly worded.
So a more accurate statement would be that there is no change in non-tubby world drops of 1st gen pearls based on level.

Tubby pearl drops, which include 1st & 2nd gen, are based on the above drop rates.

Is that 20% the chance of the pearl drop being 2nd gen if a pearl is rolled or is it an overall 20%

Basically 1 or 2 rolls on the table?

Yeah this isn’t a thing for the set drops from bosses unless you count OMGWTH at the end of the peak

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Not in Borderlands 2 though. Same odds in every mode for world drops, loot midgets, and runnable bosses. You get better odds of higher tier enemies spawning in UVHM > TVHM > NVHM, and certain variants can only spawn past level 61, but the actual loot pool odds are the same for each enemy type and class in each mode (with the exception of the stuff related to the Peak/OP levels mentioned above).

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yeah it just seems weird though that at a single point everything suddenly went rare. i dont get why i had like 40 e-relics drop and then suddenly something triggered and they arnt common anymore. i just dont understand the extremely good consistency in a reasonable sample size and now i cant get anything like that :L

the same with getting world drops from the warrior instead of its designated loot, im only after a conference or flakker so i can go kill Terra a bit faster. Since it’s my first time in UVHM i dont have other chars i can swap loot with :L

I guess when the games been out so long and you spend so much time in it patience wheres thin, i’ve been through the whole ‘natural pacing’ with about 12 chars up to TVHM+dlc, which made sense at release, but now its like “yeah, yeah, i know nothings supposed to be dropped quickly but i need that item to enhance my build and no substitute will do”, wouldnt mind so much but the warrior fight is very bare and predictable which makes it kinda tedious when you just wana move the heck onto other things ^^

Edit: I guess I just want a shrine to RNJesus to make offerings to in order to help narrow the pools down to whats needed >.>

The Warrior’s designated drop pool includes the Impaler, Volcano, and a grenade mod along with the Flakker and CC. I think the heads are also included in that pool? Either way, you’re looking at a 1 in 10 chance to get 1 or 2 items out of a larger set. That’s why moonshot farming is a popular past-time, since you should get an item out of that pool on every shot (unless it totally glitches into the console or drops in the lava).

If it’s stuff like a CC or Flakker at level 72 you’re looking for, just ask in the relevant play & trade section - there’s a good chance someone has a spare they would be willing to donate:

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im on 61 atm, wanted to enjoy some seraphs before moving onto the next upgrade pack and, i mean already most of my build styles and guns i liked in TVHM are detrimental now, cant imagine how limited it is later on.

Just logged in after posting, lo and behold my first lvl 61 pearl is a Storm on my 2nd run… im now entirely convinced in this conspiracy that the game knows when i complain about something and gives just enough to moot my points, but still… its not a good gun at all, its actually awful :grimacing:

just read up on moonshot farming… that would make things easier for sure but even if its effective, the reasons needed to use it still sadden me a little.

It’s a 20% chance that any pearl can drop - 1st or 2nd gen.


I can see that. On the other hand, if you got a guaranteed drop every time playing in the regular way, there wouldn’t really be anything legendary about the items, would there? Also, remember that as bad as you may think it is now, it was three times worse then the game first launched!


i remember that all too well, first time killing the warrior a CC dropped but it was stuck under its head, only found out much later you can exit the zone and re-enter and its body will be gone :L

but a counter point really is i think i much prefered BL1 way of dealing with legendaries, they came much more naturally and weren’t so dynamically different and overpowered that you had to have them, but having them just was more efficient and fun.

having so much emphasis on them this time round and limiting the sources is kinda negatively rewarding, instead of running through say Old Haven for getting some good specific types/elements of drops and reasonable chance of a Ledge in a chest/drop you instead in BL2 run to a specific spot over and over, instead of enjoying the zone :L (on separate note, has anyone ever counted how many chests there were in regular zones in BL1 compared to BL2, why is bl2 so stingy with chests o.o)

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Not that I remember, but the loot maps for BL2 are here if you want to take a look - all the different chest locations and types are marked.

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oo snazzy thanks a bunch. checked the chest guide and apparently 116 red chests in bl1 base game, compared to bl2 which im just taking a wild guess but i think its around 30? maybe 40 at a push? not including the other new item-type lootable containers. Jacks reign on Diversification needs eliminating, which i hope is in bl3 at least :stuck_out_tongue:

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