Drop rates for DLC are great!

Not everyone has the same experience currently most of my friends are complaining that not enough or nothing is dropping from M4 DLC and while there are people getting everything they want that does not mean we should nerf anything. No 2 users experience is alike that is the nature of RNG so if you are getting everything YOU want let the drop rates be for us that aren’t. Give us a chance to experience what you are experiencing ESPECIALLY if you are not sharing.


Well said,

And if you are getting everything you want, please share the love - as it’s Christmas and all. And I cannot afford to waste money on eBay…


Yup, ditto!

I’m playing through it with 2 different characters. Main is L50, M3 w/my wife. I just started my 2nd, a level 15 and just a tiny way into but so far, super rewarding. Money is nice for a low level character too.

Thanks GBX, Happy Mercenary day (time/season??) to you all. “Now make like one of my checks and bounce”


Its Mercenary season!


Happy Mercenary season!

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I have two Green Monster COMs that I’m about to sell if you’re interested. I still feel bad selling off Legendary gear, even after trying to not care about it. Most of the want ads I see here are for perfect anointment world drops, but if someone just wants to try a Wagon Wheel, Red Queen, Carrier or something, I sell that sort of thing all the time (some with good anointments that just don’t line up with my loose allegiance).

The trick here is that we need to know what we’re after so we don’t spam each other with gear we’re not interested in. Maybe we need a wishlist for ‘generic legendary’ (or whatever) gear? Like a single post (call it ‘Santa’s List’ or something) per platform. If each reply was a request for a single item, “LF a Linc” for example, and then the user updated their post with “Received” to let donators know that you received your item (so you don’t get spammed, and other requests for the same item can be fulfilled), and if the Moderators removed these or transferred them (from all platform threads) to a single ‘wish granted’ thread (or Recycle Bin - once I receive my ‘wish’, I don’t care where the post goes), that would make it super easy to fulfill these requests.

Like before a run, I’d take a look at the outstanding requests for my platform, and if I found something on a wish list, it’s easy enough to keep, friend, and donate. The easier it is for the donator to note what someone’s after, the more likely it’ll happen; if I have to remember an anointment or have to dig through a spreadsheet or even a list, that’s too much work.

In the interest of keeping these wish threads from getting flooded with the current deluge of ‘must-have god-roll anointed for the latest meta du jour’ requests, these threads should just be for vanilla items. If the spare we have happens to have an anointment, no problem, but I think the list will get too long if the requests include specific anointments (and again, the spirit I’m proposing here is that these are just for legendary gear that someone’s never got to use before for the sake of trying it out or whatever. I’d also recommend skipping specific element and prefix requests. The spirit would be along the lines of, “I never got a Ghast Call and just want to see what the hype is”. If the request is for an anointed Vindicator*, that’s not in line with the spirit of these proposed threads.

This would involve a fair amount of moderator work to trim these (though it should be a simple post move, and there’s no rush to it), but I think the community would be able to keep up with demand? They’d also need to stay up on trimming replies… the cleaner the thread is (like it’s a pure list of active requests, not diluted with replies of ‘just sent this to you’, ‘that gun sucks why use it’, ‘RNG sucks, never playing again’), for example, the better it will work.

How does that sound?

  • I don’t actually know if the Ghast Call can come with an anointment, but you get the point.

ghast call doesn’t come annointed, at least not this year round of bloody harvest.