Drop rates in the game

Is there a percentage for certain anointments to drop? Cause I’m playing the Takedown Shakedown and the majority of the loot is the useless Sliding and airborne anointments. I main zane and in my experience the 100% cryo while SNTNL is active is the least drop anointment. What are y’all’s take on this?

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I’m guessing it’s just a perception bias. We’re looking for one specific thing and lumping everything else into one big mental category, but any other specific thing might be just as unlikely.

But who knows. I spent an unspeakable, unhealthy amount of time trying to get a radiation sntnl cryo redistributor during the shakedown. Could not find one. And yes sntnl cryo was very very rare (but maybe not more rare).

I was happy I at least found a shock one, but for some reason the game decided that out of those few sntnl cryo redistributors it deemed me worthy of having, 4 would be base cryo.

I wish this game had some way of mitigating rng. Like getting as many dedicated wotan drops as I did over the last week might’ve takens months outside the shakedown, and I still didn’t get what I was looking for.

e:also I think this demonstrates why regular takedown drop rates should be much better. (and why having cosmetics in dedicated loot pools sucks)

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