Drop Rates need fixed

I’m beginning to feel the same vibe as playing Anthem. Loot drop is very unsatisfactory, seeing legendaries has become very far in between. I’ve beaten TVHM mayhem 3 and am seeing almost nothing when attempting to farm. so as i have said. this is immitating Anthem and really needs a different approach before the game itself becomes unsatisfactory to everyone.



Bruh, like seriously though… im on mayhem 3 true vault hunter mode, wtf are all these whites doing in my game?

TVHM Mayhem 3 GraveWard… 0 legendaries… WTF

Then do it again and again and again like you supposed to

sure thing boo, i even equipped the loaded dice artifact, you know, the one that ramps your luck? and im still seeing a sea of greens blues and purples five runs later. im on true vault hunter/mayhem3/luck relic/15% luck guardian.

TBH they could have fixed the problem by limiting what items drop from vault bosses and loottinks instead of just lowering the reward of mayhem %

I had found an example of why the forum needs a dislike button

Honestly if it bothers you that much just play in offline mode, you can even bring that online And play with friends. I agree drop rates should be buffed. but not to the original rates.

My fav farm is gravemind, in offline I get about 2.85 legendaries per run, online I get about 1.3-1.4. It takes me around 45-55 seconds to kill gravemind including looting and loading regardless of modifiers on tvhm m3(7-10 seconds from jumping down). That’s a legendary every 32-42 seconds online and 15-19 seconds offline. Maybe refine your farming techniques?

buffing the drop rate by roughly 25-30% would make it not too grindy and not rain legendaries like before.

With so many complaining it’s now so sad to play the game .
Drops are a disappointment . When you finally got to work you’re way through a boss and then open that chest … and all is more green then a forest or even white. Depressing not satisfactory for a loot game