Drop rates: thanks but it’s not enough

Hi guys,

I made a post earlier regarding drop rates, I’m making another one to be more extensive in what I mean by drop rates. First I would like to Thank Gearbox for the things they have fixed so far and in doing so makes the game much funner to play.
Now that the formalities are taken care of, I would like to focus on mayhem 4.

In the introduction of mayhem 4, I was very excited to know I would be challenged again. I was hoping in Mayhem 4 that the loot rate overall would increase, but it did not. Bosses, and mobs got harder just for the fun i guess. The drops would be as pitiful as mayhem 1. Then comes the dedicated loot pools.

Some would hope that with dedicated loot pools that the drop rate for that item would drastically increase. We all found out that this was far from what we expected. You basically had a better chance to get that weapon from anyone because of legendary rarity. With the concept of dedicated loot pools put into our minds, bodies, and souls; we ventured forth farming a single boss for hours and hours to not get the item we were looking for.

Another issue with dedicated loot drops is having loot dedicated to trials such as the trial of instinct. These trials take 15-30 minutes to beat just for a mod. Recently you guys buffed drop rates for trial bosses, and rare spawns. Which we do appreciate. But the fact of the matter still stands that there is hundreds of versions of the item we want. The time it takes for us to actually get a decent roll is still very long. Therefore I suggest that no dedicated loot pool should be in any trial.

At the completion on the story, mayhem 4 is introduced to make it harder for vault hunters. With more difficult enemies, non anointed legendaries do nothing to enemies. Which is why I believe non anointed gear should not drop in mayhem 4. (Including blue and purple rarity being anointed)

Finally, with the recent release of the DLC, I thank the developers for the drop rate increase in that. Jackbot drops new mods almost every time, and it doesn’t eliminate the concept of farming because there are so many roles items have in borderlands. The drop rate of the dlc is what I believe drop rate should be in mayhem 4. I understand you developers are working on mayhem 2.0, but if you were able to increase drop rate for trial bosses and rare spawns, then I see no reason why you can’t increase it for all bosses. I really enjoy the game, and I just want to See the game grow even more. If anyone has anything they would like to add feel free to comment, and if you don’t agree, comment as well. I want to see everyone’s point of view on this issue


The OP post is a great summation of everything I find wrong with farming in this game. I remeber the days of borderlands 2 where, once you finally got that weapon you wanted, you were set. Only a level cap increase would begin the journey anew.

In this game, The journey never ends because anointments and gun parts have chanded the game forever. Don’t even get me started on class mods being at the end of trial bosses. Terrible design as I explained in the thread below

Anointed, and Passives are the only RNG players should have to suffer through. M4 is for the hardcore players who want their builds fully realized. Reward those players. They will keep your game alive

This game is a different animal than Borderlands 2 and can’t survive under the weight of Bl2 design philosophy. @animetj2018 has made excellent points and gives the perspective from the eyes of player. Don’t ruin your game with a slow death gearbox.


So… I should ignore m4? Is moving into TVHM and creeping m1-m3 the way y’all progressing ATM?

Need to know my COA, I just cleared Normal

Depends on your build. Mayhem 4 is for a challenge but drop rate is still trash. Its better than regular mode but not worth the effort if your build can’t survive. I myself still only play mayhem 4 since i got a few things i can survive with


Sweetspot? Im trying to steer clear of unneeded difficulty while still in the area of getting drops to actually make me viable for M4. I do wanna play m4 BT wanna be geared in an efficient ish time frame

There are MANY anecdotal reports that M3 loot is better than M4 loot. Plus M3 itself is just far more efficient. ALL M4 capable builds obliterate M3 regardless of Modifiers


What vault hunter do you play as?

This is info. Much appreciation.


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10000000% agree


Moze, I gotta clear up my normal mode then the goal is to catch up to the top tier gear owners so I can help get in and dissect builds - make a proper IB no matter how many folks say it can’t be done cuz you know… You gotta be a trend setter!

Sorry ramble - I’m filtering information and doing science :slight_smile:

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I agree with everything. A was also thinking maybe anointment rerolls. It is basically when you take the anointment from one piece of gear and put it on another if the weapons need to be the same rarity that would be fine


M4 is something you do either to get the M4 exclusive drops or change up the sort of challenge the game offers by dropping some of the random modifier rolls of M3 in exchange for enemies just having a lot more health/shields/armor. Honestly it came about because of all the people crying over the modifiers and asking for number bloat to boost difficulty which most the time had them saying things like “OP levels in BL2 were better”. So gearbox gave them their number bloat without actually adding OP levels so people couldn’t just get OP level gear with additional number bloat to go with it and now the number bloat is being called a problem by many of the people that were originally asking for it.

M4 does require atleast a small amount of optimization if you don’t want to spend large amounts of time chewing through every enemy. However it doesn’t require god roll items and perfect anointments to do it. They just help shave some time off the process.


I understand what you are saying, and I am not saying that m4 should drop all god roll gear. I’m stating that with increased difficulty that the loot drop should be increased. Not every anointment is good.

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I’m going by feel my dudes. You can feel efficiency, Im sorta a special case lol in the way I can read other peoples maths equations, understand the principle but I go by feel. Big in practical application and discovery via that rather than theorize. Obviously yes I do take a while - but hope to contribute sometime soon with a sic Kalthor Build :slight_smile:

I feel like if you aren’t seeing legendary item drops regularly on M4 then you must have done something like insult RNGesus’s mother lol. I’ve had bosses crap out 7+ orange items on a kill. The issue is the anointments are either for a character I don’t want to use the item on or are just junk. Class mods are a different story where you also have to RNG the stat bonuses and also the bonus stats. I’m still hunting for that blast master COM that has bonus splash, gun damage, and grenade damage.


So I think the OP is speaking specifically regarding 3 things

  • Dedicated Loot Drops being bad, which their is empirical evidence of
  • Anointments not being guaranteed(in M4) since anything NOT anointed in M4 is functionally useless
  • Class Mods having so much RNG by design yet being put behind unfarmable Trial bosses.

The OPs problem is NOT the amount of loot dropping


Thank you for clarifying this!

So there is no power creep available in M4?

My recent run through the DLC was with Amara. I was constantly getting loot anointed for Moze & Zane with nothing specific for the character I was playing beyond the 6 or so class mods at the end. Does this mean I need to play through as another character?

Hiya! I responded on the Borderlands Discord and I have been asked to post it here so forgive me if its a bit jank.

Farming the hard difficulty should have really good chances for something good, nothing hurts worse than fighting a difficult boss only for a single unanointed drop. I don’t expect everything to be given first run but I want to think I have a actual chance unlike a WD, that’s why Jackpot is so great. Its enemies feel like their loot pool actually work and its tied to someone. It is really unfun to try forcing your way in Mayhem 4 and if you finally get it a kill you only get a single unanointed legendary. I don’t expect nor want a badass bandit to drop 8 legendaries but if I am to farm I want to feel like I have a chance. I honestly have a better chance getting a Lucian’s Call from a Loot-O-Gram than its boss.