Drop Rates UVHM

I was wondering is someone can tell me the current drop rates of Legendary, Pearlescent and Seraph gear on UVHM in BL2 The Handsome Collection ? :slight_smile: Do bosses have higher drop rates (Badaboom from King Mong etc) than world drops/Legendary Loot Migdets etc?

Yes, definitely. (Should average out to about 1 drop in 10 runs over time.) Enjoy!

With bosses you can get exactly what you want for your character, so I don’t see reason to farm midgets/tubbies unless you don’t know what to look for or have reached level cap.

Well it’s still viable to farm LLM for pearls tho I’d reckon? What do you mean if I’ve reached lvl cap? (I’m 72 very soon)

Well, sure, for lolz. Not very useful for an ongoing playthrough however.

What do you mean? Surely pearls are considered good weapons? Aren’t they considered to be better than legendaries?

There are specific items that are great for specific characters and builds. They makes playing game more fun. But that at same time means that majority of items are less viable and less fun for specific characters.

With that in mind my point is that farming for those specific items is priority and more fun way to progress in game. Also most of pearls sadly are crap, some of them are ones of worst weapons in game. There are few great pearls, but so down goes the chance of finding them out of the bunch.

Aah yes I know what you mean. Many of the legendaries I acquire (which are a descent amount on UVHM) aren’t really what I need. A incendiary butcher for my Hellborn would be nice though!

Aah, well I suppose it’s still the principle of actually getting my first pearl, as they are a rarity above legendary, heheh :slight_smile:


best way to get the butcher for my infinite mag sal

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