Drop Rates with different game modes

Does anyone know specifics or even ball parks of drop rates from Regular to Regular Hardcore to Advanced etc etc? I haven’t done advanced all that much and haven’t even touched Hardcore yet. Honestly, I kinda forgot it existed.

Those score balls that are dropped give you more if you have more lives. Hardcore defaults those to the maximum. Advanced expands the legendary drop pool to include two more per boss and one more per miniboss.

I knew the score=lives part. Just was thinking the legendary/epic/rare rates. Though Advanced having two more per bosses does help explain things, thank you.

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Hardcore only affects score though, as far as anyone knows (I used to run hardcore almost exclusively and never noticed a difference in drop rate between hardcore adv and normal adv; neither have others). Advanced and Normal are supposed to have the same drop rate (e.g. chance per kill) while Advanced has an expanded loot table (I’ve got not clue whether Normal doesn’t drop some legendaries since I basically only run Advanced).

Also, since some people believe so, it’s important to note that score does not affect loot drop rates.

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Unfortunately, most people lack an understanding of that.