Dropped gun disappeared

So was just dropping a gun as one does to swap my full inventory with something in my full bank and POOF! gone, through the floor into the void… shock kings call down the drain…

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Go check the lost loot storage, maybe it’s there.

Lost loot doesn’t work with things you’ve dropped. Also I checked … thanks tho :frowning:

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Just had the same thing happen in front of the Sanctuary bank. My favourite Hornet gone. Checked the lost loot but knew it wouldn’t be there.

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Its happened tons of times for me it seems they quite often fall through the floor/wall or if they hit my pet or an npc.

Be careful trading decent gear to mules via dropping them.

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Then why are dropping your best gun instead some trash/bad gun?

Mine was by the bank as well… thinking that it just eats weapons. Nasty piece of work that bank, stuff us with its insanely low capacity and eats our guns that happen to drop near it… what a joke lol Gearbox is clearly trolling.

I often drop tons of legendary when muling if I have already sent max mail.

Its just painfully slow trading 4 at a time when you want to move 40 items.

This is why I have seen it happen many times already unfortunately. Really is annoying.

Yep. Happened to my boyfriend multiple times on Sanctuary…

I’ve lost 4 gear items this way… I hope this glitch is fixed in the large upcoming patch.

Yeah same happened to me. Dropped 2 legendary shields to show my buddy the sweet shield I just got and poof. Was in sanctuary when it happened. The day after hot fixes no less

I was sorting out guns this morning at the bank, had to drop some guns on the floor, chose artifacts to drop, 8 of them, after selling stuff from the bank I went back to pick up the 8, only 3 were there! 5 great artifacts gone including a Snowdrift Victory Rush! Needless to say that I am pissed! Here’s a simple solution for you Gearbox… Let us sell guns directly from the bank! It’s a no brainier. Please make it happen.

I lost a ten gallon gun in sanctuary trying to give it to my hubs. This is the 3rd yellow weapon we’ve lost Anyone know if this is going to get fixed?

The sanctuary floor is notorious for eating gear. Dropping gear on most other maps is relatively safe. However, if you need to drop stuff on sanctuary, use the tables outside of the player rooms. I’ve never lost anything I’ve tossed onto those tables.