Dropped item bug, purple and orange

My brother and I were in Sanctuary and were dropping items for each other characters… ie guns, class mods. One of the purple guns my brother dropped disappeared. We both saw and heard it drop but after seeing it before it hit the floor it disappeared. We tried logging one character off and then coming back in and checking the lost gear box but it never appeared. This was Saturday.
Sunday we were swapping a luck artifact back and forth for using the gun gun for better drops and that artifact did the same thing…

I was raiding Graveward and I heard and saw purple dropping from him but when I checked the area they had disappeared and were not in my lost item box.

Monday not learning my lesson, I had a legendary shield mod drop that was anointed!!! I was so happy I dropped it to show it to my brother later that day and it DISAPPEARED. I am crying over here.
Is this a known issue or just something I am going through. I checked the site and didn’t see anything else.
We have since had to google how to trade with the ps4 controller … hold down the middle button, not press. But this is a very serious thing. In BL2, we always dropped our items to show off or trade and never had an issue.
Any help or recovery would be great. Not sure if I should delete and redownload something.

There are several spots in BL2 where the same thing happens (or the gear glitches into a wall and is also effectively lost). If it should happen again, the key is to think first and force quit the game without triggering a save; when you reload, you should still have the item in your inventory. That said, it is definitely way safer to use the trade option, or a patch on one of the planets that you’ve tested out using throwaway gear.

If you happen to have video or screenshots of the loot disappearing, you can file a bug report by opening an official support ticket. The form for that is linked in the sticky post at the top of this section.

On a semi-related note the prompt to press and hold the touch pad to trade is not that clear, it took a little while for me and my wife to figure out how it worked. The issue is that the touchpad icon covers up most of the press and hold circle prompt.

Similar issue dropping an item to show my friend in sanctuary. Just though the door going inside Marcus’s. Dropped 5class mods and there was only two leftover on the ground. I quit out but it didnt matter. :frowning: nothing in my vault or backpack or lost items, just disappeared. Of all the places to not have a solid ground space to do that stuff on. Sanctuary isnt safe…