Dropped items still disappear through the floor Sanctuary

Playing on Xbox One.
When trying to remove stuff from the Bank, i emptied my backpack on the floor.
After getting rid of a lot of junk i took “all” my stuff from the floor. Then i saw that my backpack wasn’t full anymore and some of my precious items were gone, no where to be found :thinking::dizzy_face::confounded:.
So thankz guys for losing many hours of farming en redoing the Dlc, which only works after resetting all missions in TVHM. :+1:
I know there were these kind of bugs in the early stage, but we are a half year past launch…

If you have to drop gear always drop them on the tables outside your room. I had to learn the hard way as well. Do you know what you had lost? Maybe I can help you out


Thankz for the info, some of the gear was a Double Downer Shield lvl53, Electric Banjo lvl 53 and some other relics…
But i did mission reset on Tvhm and i gonna farm them again on mh4…
But thankz for the offer…:+1::sunglasses:

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A new bucket for monsieur!

Does the mission reset just reset your tvhm missions?

The moxxi dlc has also reset, so i can do the side missions too.
That gives me the chance to get the Double Downer again.

I’ve lost quite a few legendary items thru the floor in Sanctuary. Last was a level 53 Fearmonger.

After I dropped it I could see the star icon on the map get smaller and smaller as it fell thru space. Oops.

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That blow. Never lost a gun. Only small items like COM, shield or cosmetics.
Beside using the tables now when I need to transfer gears to/from mules I travel to the Draught. Pain you know where but it’s safe and there’s a Quick Change Station.