DTM004 Project: Establish a Homeworld Universe!

Have you ever played Freelancer? Have you ever played X series? As a Homeworld fan, Have you ever dreamed to command a fleet of your own, and travel toward wherever you want in the Homeworld’s universe? To be a trader, or a parite, use every method to gain wealth. All of these can and will come true! HW_Lover, developer of Free Mod, started DTM004 project since 2012, began to develop DTM004 system. If you know what Free Mod(actrually it’s DTM001 project) is, then you must have known what this guy like to do: change the gameplay of Homeworld completely!
The direct product of DTM004 system is the Trading Mode in Fairy Empire Mod. Since version 1.0 of this mod, HW_Lover began to cooperate with the Mod’s developer, FairyQueen. As Trading Mode was developed, DTM004 system was fully tested and got many feedbacks, and became better and better. In the meanwhile, in 2014, 9CCN Mod Team decided to use DTM004 system to develop RPG Mode in FX Mod, a widely loved HW-Style modification. The plan is to creale a living universe of Homeworld with serious designs, and that is exactly HW_Lover originally wished to do.

Main features that will be added into RPG Mode are:

·50+ maps of every corner in HW’s galaxy, from Nebula of Kadesh, to graveyard of Karos, all representative location will be included. All of them will be connected with each other by star gates, so that players can travel through them.
·50 kinds of goods for players to trade among 100+ stations in all 50+ maps.
·Complete industrial system which allow players to create complex and expensive productions from basic ores
·Countless kinds of ships for players to purchase AFTER gained enough money
·Various missions for players to choose, with abundant reward and chance to make good relationship with relevent forces

All these featrues are powered by DTM004 system, players who were interested could try out Trading Mode in Fairy Empire Mod, but that’s a whole different story in a parallel universe.

All in all, if you love the universe of Homeworld, then why not participate in this great project and establish our own universe together? From basic settings, to models of ships and stations, everything is wanted! DTM004 belongs to neither HW_Lover, nor 9CCN, but all the players of Homeworld! We invite everyone here to join us!

System itself is still a work in progress, and I beleive, that the day when this project finally been accomplished, what we would have is not only a living universe of Homeworld, but also a brand-new game of Homeworld!