Dual Action Skill or Grenade?

A friend power-leveled my new Zane and now I am going through the story trying to figure out what play style I like best for him (my main is a Phasecast Amara). My question is do you prefer using two action skills over action skill and grenade? I have been playing with SNTNL and Digi-Clone but not sure if I am in love yet (of course this is all low level stuff that I am just walking through at the moment).

I prefer 2 action skills but only SNTNL & Barrier. Digiclone is a awful action skill.
SNTNL has the best anointment and can throw grenades for you. Barrier provides some needed protection and even some good crowdcontrol options.

Basicly my advice is to ignore digiclone action skill. Digiclone tree has some very good options though, like Donnybrook.

Clone can be fun but more for single target and leaves you squishy. Since most content requires mobbing drone/dome is your usual go to. Plus its the best combo with out the DLC com.

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I’m personally a fan of barrier/drone because you don’t need to manage the drone and with the new buff to the SNTL/cryo anointment you get a massive increase to DPS for zero effort. But! … The clone gives you access to one of Zane’s most powerful builds, Zane heavy weapon build. Because the clone makes having infinite ammo for rocket launchers a breeze plus it allows you to exploit 130% clone/swap anointments. For example, barrier/drone is not going to get you through the Trial of Fervor proving grounds in under 5 minutes but clone/drone will.

Now that I’m done dispelling bad advice let me answer your question about using a single action skill with grenades. When M4 first launched it wasn’t viable because of the enemy health/shields/armor scaling combined with the fact that most grenades don’t do enough damage to kill enemies at M4. But if the grenade in question is It’s Piss AND it has the “on grenade throw” anointment a single action skill grenade build can be viable in M4.


It’s also viable with a Cloning Ghast call and Epicenter. I’ve done both and it worked pretty well, not the most powerful builds ever but viable.

Not only that build but-- I used to love giving my clone a weapon like Shredda or a whole host of other good weapons it’s good with (theres a thread for it), with a CCC Barrier build and it was always very good and fun to play. People get caught up with thinking the most easy mode popular way to play is the only way but let me tell you Zane is one versatile mofo.


Useless freaking clone

I totally vote Clone Drone. It’s my favorite build. My Barrier Clone and Barrier Drone setups are good and very interesting, but what I like most about a Clone Drone is the way it feels like a team just creating chaos.


My clone always has a Hive equipped so he’s made for multi targets. Using hive in clone/drone is so much fun mobbing.

I may have to try that. I got a clone Maggie the other day and a rough rider with mvmt speed which would make the Infultrator mod in my bank collecting dust get some use. My only real worry is survivability.

You’re the best I was just gonna sling insults at them with references they wouldn’t understand.

I’ve seen some fun grenade builds and messed around one night and made a decent one only using the clone and grenades, red with a splash of blue.
I will say if you get a scourge wirg damage after clone swap and have violent momentum you’ll feel like one punch man.