Dual and triple annointed gear

Alot of negativity for this idea then lol

This vid https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vmAePhY6kxk kind of shows the versatilty of the idea. To those saying it would be harder to farm annoints your looking for, I put the point back that you increase the chance to roll the annoint your after aswell as bonus ones, aswell as that it leaves the game with a even more range of weapons all be it reskins of existing gear, only alot stronger.

If they’re going to copy Diablo, they should just go all the way. I maxed out my monk last weekend and had much more fun in the end game running rifts. Anoints should be gems and all guns should drop with 0-3 sockets. We would still have to farm for the gems and the +3 socket guns of our choosing. I would be ok with this, but not depending on rng to get what i want.


GREAT idea!


100000000000% agree (with the exception of 3 sockets, that would be a bit much). I’m almost shocked this wasn’t the way it was done to begin with. It makes so much more sense, removes the awful level of RNG, and allows a degree of customization without going full “gun crafting” which I wouldn’t want.

Honestly, almost anything that works well in D3 would work well in Borderlands, because the loot systems are essentially the exact same style (which is by design, since even GBX openly admits Borderlands is “Diablo with guns.”

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