Dual Explosive Miniguns or 1 Explosive mini + 1 cryo?

Cant decide whether to out 2 explosive miniguns on IB or 1 explosive and 1 cryo minigun ?

I’m invested heavily into demo woman tree, so youd think 2 explosives, but despite much lower damage numbers with cryo mini for some bizarre reason it seems to synergize really well with the explosive mini on other hand

Thoughts ?

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Try it out. My issue with it is it requires buffing Iron Bears armor up a lot more because he will be proccing Vampyr half as much. Also less MoD procs.

At the flip side of the coin cryo slows down or freezes enemies so their overall DPS tends to be lower. Its si helpful to freeze a rocket spamming badass even if just for a few seconds!

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If you find flying or faster enemies are a pain to hit I’d try the cryo one out for a bit since the explosive rounds travel so slowly

Would frozen efficiency or any of the cryo damage perks effect Iron Bear?

I would assume so but would need to test to confirm

I know in pre-sequel explosive would do more damage to frozen enemies, but as far as I know explosive is now classed as kinetic, but maybe some of the code carried over? I dunno.

It sure does feel like frozen enemies shatter more quickly with explosives. I dont know …

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You mean something like the Ice Breaker artifact? It unfortunately doesn’t make Iron Bear/Auto Bear freeze enemies faster, but Moze can still benefit from the bonus damage against frozen targets if Auto Bear freezes something.

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I’m sold on the dual explosive mini guns with…

Scorching RPMs
Stainless Steel Bear
and the extra 25% from Specialist Bear

Kills the absolute fastest …at lest for me…
And I tried all the combos.


You still get bonus from Spec Bear if doing Cryo X Explosive.

Cryo Efficiency is pretty high. As far as I can tell, it’s freezing at less than half health damage. So, I think it’s between 300 and 400 percent?

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Thanks, I will retry that combo.

The thing about the dual mini guns is I can jump around like a crazy man in IB and still get hits.

Rockets are massive damage but I could never get all hits and when maneuvering wildly to avoid enemy fire /contact, it was even worse.

Grenades even more so.

The dual mini guns are the sweet spot…at least for me

Moxxi is claiming dual rockets…with no extra speciality…just straight rockets…
is absolute highest DPS on IB.

Said he tested extensively…

But this is the same guy who says Matched Set is good for IB…

And Stainless Steel Bear somehow synergizes with Short Fuse

So I dunno…

Vanilla Vanquisher rockets is about even with Exploding Bullets in my opinion from also “extensive use”. The difference is Vanq is burst damage and sometimes harder to land and EB is longer sustained damage and works a lot better for AutoBear and is much easier to land all shots on target especially at range.

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Moxsy is a good player and streamer but as with any Twitch/Youtube personality, you should take what people say with a grain of salt, regardless of their name, popularity or status within the community. No disrespect to him, but his Iron Bear build literally revolves around the exploit with Zheitsev’s Eruption in order to achieve what its video title claims it can do.

What happens if one day, Gearbox decide that’s too much and they patch out that exploit? Then his build becomes totally defunct and outdated. As always with Borderlands, to each their own, but if I’m going to make a build, I’d rather do it where it has longevity to it: not reliant on exploits and has scope to go further beyond if and when level upgrades come out.

Dual Vanquisher rockets with no augments is the highest burst-DPS - key word being ‘burst’ - for Iron Bear. The only downside to them is because they fire so many clusters of rockets so quickly, it drains through fuel rapidly and you spend quite a bit of time reloading. You can’t really control how many rockets you fire precisely because they fire in clusters.

In standard mobbing situations, you’ll likely fire more rockets than what’s needed, thus needlessly wasting fuel. That’s why some players prefer to run explosive Miniguns instead, or Railguns with Corrosive Sabot Round if we need to melt through some heavy armour. Both of those options are far more fuel-efficient and thus give you a lot more time inside Bear in conjunction with Deadlines.

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EXACTLY my experience…especially when I am hopping around like a crazy man.

Is there any truth to his claim that Short Fuse and Stainless Steel Bear synergize somehow on IB?

Would be news to me…

No there isn’t and I’m not sure why he would say that without any proof. Short Fuse categorically does NOT apply to Iron Bear’s own DPS.

However, it has emerged more recently that IB’s bonus damage from Stainless Steel Bear does boost Short Fuse’s damage for Moze when she’s on foot, as does Scorching RPMs.

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Yes SSB boosts the damage of Short Fuse, we don’t know why but it does.

Oh reading the comment above me you’re asking if short fuse boost IB damage? In that case, no.

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Thanks fellas…good info.

I actually subscribed to his channel because I liked his enthusiasm…

He sponsored the Raid challenge which sparked a lot of interest and creativity.

But basically because anyone who says “golly” is just OK by me😁

I like him as a person but don’t really dig him as a content person, if that makes sense. He’s got a great attitude and enthusiasm, but god damn “They tried to nerf us” is the most self indulgent comment to ever exist.

But yeah, be aware, since he needs the clicks. His main focus is borderline exploits.

Though, to be fair…my Bear is using a few exploits. Unforgiven Red Queen and Dakka Bear and Shock7 shield phase handling.

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