Dual-Jakobs crit test

Firstly, this is well plied territory so I have no illusions that I’m contributing anything new - but I feel the need to share my enthusiasm for a dual-Jakobs Gunzerker.

A quick back-story : I played Sal when the game first came out but quickly moved onto the others as I found him boring. He just didn’t suit my play-style : ammo conservative ; wanting to make every shot count. That was 4+ years ago.

I joined this forum 6 months ago and , because of reading various threads on Sal, decided it was time. I’ve long known of @DeputyChuck 's Deputy build and it seemed an obvious concept to pursue, as it harmonizes with my play-style. Regardless, in starting a fresh character I decided to try every possible gun and combination of guns before organically settling into dual-Jakobs.

This is not an allegience character although I use a Rough Rider. I use Jakobs because they precisely accomplish what I’m looking for : high reward for precision shots. It also forces me to be much more aware of the differing firing rates and recoil tendencies so I end up excercising left/right independence. I can’t hold down the button ( as with, say, a Lady Fist ) ; and I can’t spam or I lose accuracy to recoil.

As I’m currently at level 40, I’ve not spec’d into Gunlust (therefore no Money Shot). That will come soon enough. What made this viable ( at level 16 ), was Steady as She Goes which gives +80% recoil reduction and 30% chance to improve accuracy - only while gunzerking. This skill changed everything for me. I cannot say how long I’ll be able to keep it up but I’m hoping to OP0 ( I’m going to avoid Rubi and Grog healing and Lady Fist DPS ).

Thanks to all the great work done by Chuck , @Sljm and all the others that contributed to their work. Also thanks to @VaultHunter101 for getting me those links and for being an all-around top notch individual.

[Guide] Critical hit bonus sources (BL2 version) (in particular see the list of red-text Jakobs, which have additive and multiplicative bonuses)


Anyways, the point of this is to show the dramatic increase in damage from that stated on the card to that received when gunzerking and hitting crits. I include BAR on and BAR off to show how relevant it is ( all my BAR stats are ~19% ). I’ve used a purple pistol ( 25% type B ) , a purple sniper ( 160% type A ) and a Rex ( 30% Type A and 25% Type B ) - mostly because I just happen to have them, and testing with shotguns is unreliable.

Pistol : card damage 5492. Gunzerking crit (with sniper) 35697 BAR off / 45798 BAR on.
Sniper : card damage 6806. Gunzerking crit (with pistol) 44239 BAR off / 56757 BAR on.

Pistol : card damage 5492. Gunzerking crit (with Rex) 19222 BAR off / 27322 BAR on.
Rex : card damage 4670. Gunzerking crit (with pistol) 16344 BAR off / 23231 BAR on.

Sniper : card damage 6806. Gunzerking crit (with Rex) 53087 BAR off / 68108 BAR on.
Rex : card damage 4670. Gunzerking crit (with sniper) 36423 BAR off / 46729 BAR on.

My maximum increase was x10


I realized today that I have an OP1 Hawkeye squirrelled away in a locker.

I also have an OP2 Unforgiven. These two guns have some of the highest crit multipliers in the game. Time to see what happens when they’re added together.

This is an informal test. BAR on, skills spec’d.

Body shot : 381K / Crit 2040K / Gunzerking crit 6880K ( for a x18 increase )

Body shot : 179K / Crit 2587K / Gunzerking crit 3572K ( for a x20 increase )


Don’t forget that the more crit bonus you have, the more base gun damage helps, so when using an Hawkeye, crit bonus on the other hand matters very little (unless it’s type B) what matters is how much damage that gets multiplied by it.

Might I suggest that you give the Gwen’s Head a try: it has high type B crit bonus and would allow you to benefit from elemental matching multiplier.

For Fire, the Greed is arguably a better choice though

I’m also noticing an appalling lack of Maggie is this lineup :wink:


Basically I’m looking for the combination that gives the highest multiplier, not damage output - for no other reason than curiosity.

The actual final damage of the Hawkeye is pretty bad, but the x20 increase is frankly incredible. And that’s what I’m looking for.

I figured the 580% type-A on the Hawkeye with the Unforgiven’s 25% type-B & 75% type-A would give the highest - and so far it is by a huge margin ( double that of my previous test ).

I’ll definitely keep experimenting - but I don’t think I’ll find anything more that will be worth posting.

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Oh, then Grog+lady fist is your answer

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Truly - but the title of my thread is “Dual-Jakobs crit test” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


then Hawkeye + Unforgiven or Citrine Jakobs pistol with a Hyperion barrel