Dual Lights Shadows - What Does it Do?

What does the Dual Lights setting do under Shadows? Is it better than Enhanced? I can’t tell any difference between it and Enhanced. The option is also colored dark yellow whereas Enhanced is colored green.

Dual lights makes it so that there are more shadows.

It also doesn’t cause a perf hit so far as I can tell so use it as you wish.

As far as I can tell you get more shadows with dual light selected.

More shadows (Key & Fill lights both cast shadows) - BUT - those shadows come from the same pool of resources (however big your shadow buffer is, which isn’t an in-game setting) - leading to sometimes lower-resolution shadows (more users of the same resource pool). I prefer it on (I should, I wrote it) because it helps with ‘back light’ normal maps where things light even facing away.

We’ll have a settings guide soon - I’ll be able to write one with screenshots after we get a patch out for critical issues…


Thanks everyone for your responses, and thanks especially to you BitVenom for such a thorough explanation!

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So on back-lit maps how do I get ships to appear dark on the sides which don’t face the light source? On or off? Thanks.

Who knows. I’m really annoyed the game doesn’t explain the graphics options.