Dual pistols without Moxxi healing?

I’m want to use two Aquamarine Animosities and completely go without Moxxi weapons like I do on all characters. I also want to use a Legendary Gunzerker mod to stay in Gunzerk as long as possible. What should my build and other gear look like? Heavy investment in the Brawn tree, Neogenator, some health/health regen relic and a transfusion grenade (Leech)?

In terms of skills something like that?

I’d love to have Come At Me, Bro but I’d have to remove either Lay Waste and give up and the class mod’s bonus or Keep Firing. :confused:

Related-ish question: will the bullet reflection from the dual gem-stoned weapons stack?

I thought about that, too. I haven’t noticed any difference when playing around with them.

Looks interesting but I’d switch out I’m The Juggernaut for Asbestos only because Asbestos is an always on skill, whereas I’m The Juggernaut is a kill skill. An Antagonist or Blockade could make up for not having that skill…

Plus ItJ’s boosts are useless, especially with Sal’s 50% DR when zerking and the boost of Come at me, bro!

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Going that deep in the Brawn tree, you have to pick come at me bro. It’s the only form of damage mitigation you have that actually works, and its full heal at a touch of a button. Its invaluable IMO.

If I were you, I would rather use a COM that boosts your survivability than one that allows you to gunzerk for longer: without Moxxi healing, you will have to be careful anyway, so managing your gunzerk will come naturally.

As Gulf said, I’m the Juggernaut is probably Sal’s worst skill… its effects are almost impossible to perceive.

A Vitality relic (or blood relic) and adaptive shield are invaluable: increasing your health makes your regen more efficient since they are % based.

My brawn tree would look like this: http://bl2skills.com/gunzerker.html#000000000000000000000055205003051

I personally like the Beast COM: the increased health and health regen (through sexy T-rex) are a good help, though a Legendary Titan is also a very solid choice. If you find you have no real problems surviving, I suggest a Renegade COM for some much needed damage boost.

I wouldn’t say useless, it’s 20% DR which translates to 20% longer time of survival, even though it isn’t active all the time.

Thanks, I’ll try that out.

It’s less than that.

I did the maths once and considering that Gunzerk already gives you 50% and that they are additive, it comes up to less than 8% actual damage mitigation.

Trust me: even at 10/5, it’s hard to even notice.

Yeah, it’s way less than 20% mitigation but still 20% longer time of survival since you can translate it 1:1 with the amount of DR you have. It’s the same with reload speed bonuses, there’s diminishing returns to the actual reload speed but you’ll spend the same amount of reload speed bonus you have with firing your guns more often.

I don’t think you can calculate that that way in actual play since “survival” is hard to define.

If this was a constant stream of damage evenly distributed over time, I could see your point. It just doesn’t translate that way when you play.

You can always try with and without and see the difference for yourself. Prepare to be underwhelmed :stuck_out_tongue:

I just did some quick tests and the difference seems noticeable to me. It feels pretty similar to Krieg with all these health bonuses (Adaptive Shield/RR in Krieg’s case, Vitality Relic and BAR) where even 20% of additional DR can make a difference. Unless you get constantly one- or two-shot but with this kind of setup that shouldn’t appear too often. :smile:
I ran some maps and didn’t even need my Transfusion grenades. But I’ll report back tomorrow when I was able to gain some more experience with this setup. Thanks so far.

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