Dual spec quick change

So I’m going to be playing alot of solo and alot of group play but I have 2 different build 1 for solo and 1 for group play would be neat if you could save you build to change them quickly instead of respecting everytime


When they initially were talking about “Mode Change” I really hoped that’s what they were referring to, but I think that’s just the speed to change from primary to secondary fire.

Skill Loadouts really need to be a thing, I agree. I like to have multiple loadouts also and respeccing every time is annoying.

This would be really nice to see. I wish we could at least respec on the fly instead of needing to go to a quick change station, would be nice to be able to easily change your build to deal with certain bosses and such.


Or at least consumables you can purchase/farm to respec on the fly without needing quick change stations. At least that would limit the amount of times we can switch builds while allowing us the ability to switch against bosses.


Yeah just something to switch you build up quickly like I dont care if I have to go to the respec station to do it but I want to be able to save my builds and switch them with a click of a butting for group and solo play


Yep I support that notion as well. Could be a really limited consumable where you can carry more than 2 or 3 until you return to your space hub.