Dual-Wield Handguns?

I would love to be able to Dual-Wield a couple of Handguns like DAHL Full Auto for example. Not the most powerful guns like the new Torgue gun from DLC 4, that would be too OP but maybe a couple of DAHL guns or Tediore, the less powerful ones. That would be awesome, and add yet another build/dimension to the game :slight_smile:

New skill trees and none of them are dual wielding.
None are even a true melee oriented skill.

They really just… Left out some of the most iconic action skills from the previous games.

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Where can I find info on the new skill trees?

News section. We only know Fl4ks at the moment I do believe.
But we can assume Zane gets a shoulder cannon, Amara gets some ball thing, Moze gets a iron bear cub which is a pet version of iron bear.

community always manages to break dual wielding plus with unforgiven in game it is a no brainer lol put lightshow and unforgiven together and yeet anything out of existence

Sadly, all the left handed guns went out the airlock.


rip the grappler

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But I proposed that only certain guns should be available for dual wielding, as to not make it too OP :slight_smile:

Dual Lucky-7 please

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Mmm. Interesting but way too OP. Would be fun tho :slight_smile:

Be better if Amaras new tree let her equip 6 guns.


6 plaguebearers at a time please


What if we had some new guns that had dual wielding as the alt fire mode? That way this mechanic couldn’t be abused.

We could have maliwan guns that dual wield with each element active on opposite sides.


Was thinking something like that for less powerful guns like maybe “The Companion” or “Wagon Wheel” with small mags and below top tier damage.

What does everyone think?

Dual-Wield Handguns
  • Yes
  • No
  • Sounds Awesome
  • Lame as hell

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Maybe Zane will get a dual wield skill, but more like Nisha were he get’s a copy of the other gun and of course only works with pistols, or maybe Iron Cub will dual wield copies of the guns you have equiped, or you will be able to equip them on him.